How to Hug a Porcupine

porcupine-croppedNext month our oldest daughter turns nine years old and we officially enter the tween zone. So after ten glorious days of family vacation and 30 hours in the car, I just finished my fifth book on the matter. Each book offered many ways I can expect my darling daughter to transform and how I might (and might not) want to respond. After flipping, skimming, laughing, furrowing my brow and talking back to the books, I have to say through it all I had to remind myself to breathe…frequently.

My main take-aways after all that reading?

#1 to prepare for and support my child in seeking independence and a feeling of being “different” from my husband and I. (It’s a tweens job…knowing this, I can embrace it, not fight it)… and

#2, to practice “active listening”. [Read more…]

How to Be a Hero

heroWhat makes a person a hero in your book? Do they need to leap from tall buildings in a single bound? Or maybe a hero for you is someone that stops a hit-and-run “runner” from getting away or saves a baby from a burning building. If you read the papers, you will surely find the word hero sprinkled in heavy doses when you read a story about something such as this…and maybe they are. Depends on your definition of hero I guess. [Read more…]