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I love the Yoga lifestyle, obviously since I helped co-create Yoga Parenting. I am proud and happy to say that in the last few months I have recommitted myself to an actual yoga practice as much as possible. After I had my kids and then we moved, I couldn’t found a local studio with a class schedule that worked for me and then it just slid off the priority list.

I was saying this to my friend, Maggie when she quickly replied, “You know, there are classes online.” Wha?!

Well, there go ALL MY EXCUSES. So I found myself on MY YOGA ONLINE.

Check out my elaborate set-up. Impressive, no?

1) I can watch any time… and so can YOU from your laptop, interactive-enabled TV, and even from your frickin’ PHONE!!!!

2) The classes are anywhere from under 15 minutes to over an hour so on those days when I say to myself, “But I don’t have time.” My BS meter totally goes off.

3) I love that you can search by level, by length of class, by type of class, and by instructor. So @ZenMommy, they have Yin Yoga as well as Power Yoga, and Yoga at Work and even Prenatal Yoga for our busy expecting moms.

4) You can choose to stream or download all the videos.

5) I’m pretty frugal. I can’t find a good gym for $9.95/month.

Okay, now I’ll give you my cons: 1) nothing replaces going to a studio, having an instructor fine tuning your technique and also having the energy of other students around you.

*They know that too so when you sign in, Google Ads strategically gives you a list of yoga studios IN YOUR AREA!

So if you’re the type who has to go to the gym to workout versus the kind of person who can pop in a Tai Bo DVD, the same dynamic will apply for these videos.

2) I also tried Yoga Today (same pricing) and their classes are much more standardized. All the classes are 60ish minutes. I discovered that it was too easy for me to say, “I don’t really have a whole hour today.”

They also have a couple of venues for all their classes so you know you’ll be “going to” Jackson Hole or Sedona! 🙂 Not bad destinations. Whereas on My Yoga Online, each class is different. Some are outdoors, some indoors. This may bother you if you like consistency.

So My Yoga Online is my product pick of the week. Here’s the dollars and cents: you get UNLIMITED ACCESS to all streaming videos and 20% off all downloads.

$9.95/month or $89.95/year

Like Netflix for your wellbeing! I hope you’ll join me. We can compare notes… or, er… downward dogs!

I’ve spent more time on it since I wrote the first half of this review. Here are some features to note:

• Not only does it have yoga videos but you can download Yoga Music:

• There are also informative videos on back health and other related topics.

• It’s a full-blown yoga community with articles on respecting the the planet and living a healthy, balanced life, complete with recipes!

This may be my new favorite place, aside from MMM of course!

I’d love to connect with you on yoga. So when you try it, leave a comment below, will ya?

Our partners at My Yoga Online are offering My Mommy Manual fans a ONE YEAR SUBSCRIPTION!

So here’s the deal: TRY IT for a month. LEAVE A COMMENT here on what you like about it and we’ll pick a WINNER for the $89.95 MEMBERSHIP.

Yup, I signed up to be a My Yoga Online affiliate because I liked it enough to recommend it here.

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