Summer FUN Takes Getting Organized

We’re in full on summer mode now in the Tucker household but this took some doing. School ending doesn’t automatically get us into summer mode. I don’t know about your household, but for us, there is a period of a couple weeks where we all “shift”. It seems we all need a week to just decompress, and then one to get more organized into our new routine. After a few days of chilling, my kids are that much more excited to start “planning” our summer together.

For me, a mom that does NOT come by organization easily, summer planning is important. Here are the things we do to make for a more fun (i.e. less stressful) summer. These depend largely on the ages of your kids:

For your school aged kids set up expectations around the follow (or anything you find yourself nagging them about on a near daily basis as you move into summer!) Do this WITH them so you have their buy in.

1) Wake up and bed times
2) Screen times
3) Chores if different than during the school year. Maybe they take on something extra like dog walking. Charts are key.
4) Activities. Ritual is the key. Have things you do daily. Weekly. One of our readers says, “Take a a trip everyday! And make it early. Even if its going to the grocery store or the park. Some days it will be the zoo or museum. We have a standing 11am departure time everyday. It eliminates the “lay around the house” effect summer always brings.” [Read more…]

How to Get Your Preschooler Ready

Recently, I was on Great Day St. Louis doing a segment on “Back to Preschool.” Host, Matt Chambers and I talked about how to prep your kids for their first time out of the nest (sniff)!

If your toddler is heading to preschool for the first time this fall, it’s a big step for the whole family. Your “baby,” will fare better if you can equip her with some things to ease the transition. Think BOTH confidence-building and security. Here are some tips:

• Get her excited about the big step by getting her involved in picking out her preschool gear. Appropriately-sized and designed backpacks will allow her to take responsibility for her things and take pride in the fact that she can carry it herself. If she has older siblings, she probably is already wanting to be like big brother or sis!

• If her preschool will allow, see if she can bring a lovey or special cuddly friend for naptime that will remind her of home.

• If you can, see if you can introduce her to her teachers before you have to leave her at school for the first time.

• If you know other kids that are going to be in classroom, see if you can arrange for playdates ahead of time so there will be some familiar faces in class.

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