How to Help Children in Haiti

It’s not easy to see all the suffering that’s taking place right now in Haiti. Here’s your chance to do something! Our friends at Kolcraft are hosting a silent auction to benefit the children in Haiti.Kolcraft_Haiti

Visit their Facebook page to get the details on how you can win cool baby gear and make difference, all at once. The silent auction goes through the weekend! [Read more…]

How Does Christmas LIVE in Your Family

What does Christmas mean for your kids and your family? In 2009, it is so easy to be overwhelmed with all the stuff AND all the activities that are SUPPOSED to happen during the holiday season. How do you create meaning from all of it? We share some of our rituals. What are yours?


Of course you know that Zen Mommy is Pregnant… but times 2.0?! Yes, she’s pregnant with TWINS.

The cat’s out of the bag! My Mommy Manual and Kolcraft, along with our friends at Artistic Sensations and Viewpoints invite you to a Baby Shower like no other… Web 2.0-style! TOMORROW, November 3, 2009 11 am – 1 pm CST, tune in HERE and be part of the first live streaming virtual baby shower ever!

Click here to get to the LIVE streaming video and chat room! We’ve got over $2000 in BABY GEAR to share with you!

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Get POSH for fall. A POSH Handbag for $1!

poshPOSH Handbags are all about life — a Fabulous life!! The woman behind POSH is Austin-based fashion designer Tori Alvarado. Tori’s keen eye for fashion allows her to expertly integrate the latest styles and colors into fun and functional accessories. Directed by Tori’s creative vision, the POSH collection is focused on handbags as the crowning gem of any outfit. Tori believes a woman’s handbag is directly tied to her moods and passions.

artisticsensationsAnd you can win this one for ONE DOLLAR. It’s October’s Power of One prize, valued at $129 from

Click on the widget to donate $1 to Parents As Teachers using your credit card. Easy… and way Fabulous!

Kid Neoprene Backpack, $1

power_of_one_aug091 These adorable Backpacks are constructed entirely out of durable neoprene, which insulates and cushions without worry of lead or other bad-for-you chemicals. Unlike conventional kid’s backpacks which are often stiff and oversized, Dabbawalla backpacks are soft and sized for comfort. Well-designed features include cushioned handles, reinforced seams for added strength, wide zipper openings, and inside pockets for stashing gear. Click here to see all six cool designs!

And it’s only a dollar??! [Read more…]

Power of ONE: My Mommy Manual Raffle


oneHappy July! We are so excited to announce the first month of the Power of ONE, the My Mommy Manual Raffle. We introduced the idea at It’s ALL About Mom, our mom event last May. We have an amazing corporate sponsor, Artistic Sensations and now an equally amazing non-profit partner, Parents As Teachers.

Please… [Read more…]

How to Help Prevent Childhood Deaths

Tomorrow, we want your help! Monday, June 29, My Mommy Manual is helping raise money for the June 12 for 12k Challenge. Why? Because EVERY DAY, 25,000 children die from a preventable cause! 12 for 12k has partnered with UNICEF’s Believe in Zero campaign to provide basic and affordable interventions to save children’s lives. Watch this VIDEO (3:07)… it explains why vaccines are so important.

PLEASE JOIN US! By contributing $10, YOU can help provide safe drinking water to 400 children. By contributing $20, YOU can help provide 50 notebooks and pencils to kids in school, and YOUR $40 can provide measles vaccines for 150 children.

Be there for the 24-hour Video and Tweetathon Fundraiser… PRIZES, FUN, GAMES!!! Gotta love it!

Practical Mommy and Zen Mommy and the other ladies of Looking Glass Lane will be celebrating the six-year olds WITHIN for Believe in Zero at 8 pm (CST). There will be party games (and props!). Come PLAY and TWEET it out! [Read more…]

Pajama Party Credits

Our theme word for 2009 is CONNECTION. 1) We’re all connected and 2) We just can’t do anything ALONE…and it wouldn’t be any FUN if we did!


1 pajama party

3 hours

1,382 attendees

46 Winners

$1,207 for

Although gratitude is ongoing, we want to take a [page] to thank everyone who stepped up to pull of this stunt in less than 10 days.

Thank you to everyone who bought raffle tickets, including our ludite friends in the real world (Yeah, I saw YOU on there too!). And we’re working on the drawing! Scroll down to the end for WINNER’S LIST!

Thank you to everyone who promoted, linked to, tweeted about the fundraiser. We made it to #3 on last night… just above Britney Spears!

Wondering what we’re talking about? Here’s the scoop! And yes, we taped the whole thing so don’t miss out on the great expert entrepreneurial advice from guest PJ Party-ers: Guy Kawasaki, Lewis Howes, and Elena Verlee as well as words from the trenches — business owners in attendance! [Read more…]

It’s a Pajama Party (virtual) LIVE April 14th: Helping Women in Kenya

We hosted a My Mommy Manual Pajama Party to help raise money for Mom It Forward and The 12 for 12K Challenge’s joint mission for April/May to help empower women in Kenya. Our intention was to take our mission of “onnecting through practical and inspired tips” beyond the written page to the LIVE experience!

So Practical Mommy and I were on for our first ever Pajama Party LIVE on Tuesday, April 14 from 6-9pm CST. We raised money for the cause, with people joining the party in their PJ’s from home for giggles, live music, and of course, Practical and Inspired Tips!

[Read more…]

How to Give… and Receive

A few months ago, I decided that I wanted one word… a thought or mantra that I could use to guide my days. I would make a giant painting to hang on my wall so that it would be the first thing I saw every morning. I chose “GIVE.” You see the results of my efforts here.

Zen Mommy, remember how I asked you about picture hangers?!

After much contemplation, I realized that it was the wrong word! Giving may be my gift but it is in fact… receiving that is my lesson! The tension between the two is ubiquitous, for mommies and daddies alike! Using only ONE, without the other is imprudent especially for me, since I already have a tendency to give too much (see the infamous turkey story). [Read more…]