How to Water Your Own Grass

grassAs I packed for our journey to the north country (i.e., Wisconsin), I had some time to reflect. Thanks to the collective consciousness also known as Twitter, I was led to ponder a few things, specifically. via @LewisHowes Question:  Should we ever feel satisfied in life, or does this just stop our hunger to strive for bigger things?

I had just been journaling about a similar/related subject. In fact, my post on patience dances around the same idea… the constant striving or hungering for the next project/achievement… the next “big fish,” so to speak.

For me, it’s the tension between that impatience for the next step and the inherent “judgment” that comes with it. If we are looking over the fence and saying that the grass is greener on the other side, are we not judging the grass we are currently standing in as “not so green” by comparison? By saying, I can’t wait to get there, are we not missing what is here, right now? Or as Lewis’ question implies, does satisfaction lull us into complacency and make it more challenging to journey beyond our own yard. [Read more…]