Thick As Thieves

I wanted to share a story about my dear friend, Julie. We met five years ago, when we found ourselves on the first day of school, dropping off our girls in Kindergarten. I’m not sure who was more nervous then, the kids or the moms!

Since then, we’ve been “thick as thieves,” as they say. We’ve shared many a laugh… like the time I dragged her to my strip aerobics class and she called me the next day to report that her a** was so sore, she could barely lower herself to the toilet seat. Hey, we’re moms. I know you’ve all done that move… snicker while you can!

We’ve also shared more serious moments, like the time I called her at 5 am saying I was leaving my marriage and needed a place to stay. Or, the day she called and told me that she had tested positive for BRCA1.

BRCA1 (and BRCA2) are tumor suppressor genes. Mutations in these genes are linked to hereditary breast and ovarian cancer. At the time, [Read more…]

How to Pick Meaningful Holiday Gifts

I’ve got some tips for you on gift-giving this season. If you’re still missing a few for those challenging people on your list that seem to have everything and anything they want, watch my segment with Carol Daniels on Great Day St. Louis. Or, if you’ve got a health nut on your list, I’ve shared 18 gift ideas in my Health-Conscious Gift Guide on Viewpoints!

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