How to Thank the FATHERS in Your Life

As it is Father’s Day (errrr… correction… Father’s WEEKEND as my kids have declared it!) I just took a walk down memory lane and watched our birth story from when the twins were born a few months ago.

As I sit here in a puddle of tears, so grateful for my husband and our life… I am struck by what a rock my husband was and is for our family.

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How Do You Celebrate Father’s Day as a Single Mom?

First of all, I have to clarify that I’m not sure I qualify as a “single mom.” I’m single and a mom but as my friends have heard me explain, the former implies that my children don’t have a dad at all (for some reason) and that is not an accurate description of our family. The truth is that my children are very lucky to have a dad that is present, both physically and mentally for them. In fact, I think that he is quite adept at being fully present with them and they love it!(To protect his privacy, I won’t post a pic… although I have gobs of great ones of him with the kids.)

It’s the first Father’s Day since our divorce and I am surprised that I’m emotional about it at all… more so than on Mother’s Day. Maybe I feel guilty that I’m not there to make sure the kids made him a sweet card or remembered to give him the gift we picked out for him. As I got ready for my day this morning, I reflected on how distasteful I’m finding it to be around people who can’t find anything nice to say about others, including their ex-whatevers. And it being Father’s Day and all, I spent my meditation time thinking about the wonderful things that I learned from this man who is the father of my children: authenticity, assertiveness, confidence…. these are lessons I so dearly needed to learn in this life. I am grateful that I chose a good teacher. Even in the midst of our great conflict, I kept reminding myself that I chose the best teacher for me. If I had picked a pushover for a husband, I wouldn’t have been forced to learn them! [Read more…]

Zen Mommy Minute: Daddy LOVE!

This is for my amazing husband from his “girls”…and for all you Dad’s out there that love your children. Thank you. You make a difference in the world.

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