26 Weeks: The Nursery

nursery inspiration picThis seems like the perfect time to begin thinking about how we are going to decorate our nursery for the twins. I am psyched for that this go around it need not be “unisex” as it has the two times I’ve “done” a nursery room in the past, not knowing the sex of our babies before they were born. I know what we are having: a boy and a girl. So though I will not go all pink or race cars, I can confidently move into a design that makes sense for both.

We are two weeks from being in the third trimester. “RBE” or Rapid Belly Expansion [Read more…]

How to Decorate Your Kids Rooms

teens_roomsMom of a tween/teen boys, decorator and owner of Artistic Sensations, Kim Gellman shares some helpful tips to keep in mind when designing rooms for kids.

Practical Mommy is Ria Sharon. Click the links for Practical Mommy’s recommendations for travel car seats, affordable and fun diaper bags (skip hop bag), and the best-selling crib brand, Da Vinci Crib.

How to Make Room for Baby

room_for_babyYou are getting ready for a major change.  A new life in your house. It is exhilarating but can be a bit overwhelming in the preparation department. So how do you get your house ready. The first room on your agenda is the baby’s.

Where do you start?

The first step for your new infant is the paint color on the walls. What tone do you want to set for your room. Is is the soothing palette of pastels or warm tones like lime greens and turquoises and oranges.  What mood would you like to set for your little one? Another paint option is more neutral colors like tans, browns or off white. Then you can pick more vibrant colors in the furniture such as black, or red, or navy blue. Whatever you choose, once you have a paint color, you can coordinate furniture and bedding around it. [Read more…]