How to Store All the Family Medicine

cold_medsWe are in the season of sickness.  I don’t mean the feeling I get with the over commercialization of the holiday season, where red and green items are out before Halloween costumes!

I am talking about the cold and flu season (which coincides with the holidays…weird huh?)

Where do you keep all the pain relievers, cough-and-achy-so-you-and-your-family-can-rest medicine. Is it located with all the extra soap and thermometers and Band-Aids.

Take a look at them right now; are all the bottles and boxes shoved in a drawer or on a shelf?  Did they actually make it in a bin but there is no rhyme or reason to the order?  Now don’t start freaking out and think this lady is mad to suggest I’m going to alphabetize my meds just like I did with my spices.. Ha!  You do not know me very well I would  NEVER EVER ask or tell you to do either one of those things.

Frankly life is too short to alphabetize most things unless you only have a few of them and then really…What’s the point?

Okay seriously your first step is to go through and throw away anything that is empty; almost empty; or something that you will simply never use.

If you have several bottles of shampoo, conditioner, body wash, lotion etc that were given to you or purchased but you don’t like. Place them in a bag or box and donate to your place of worship or local family relief center.  These places are always looking for personal hygiene products for those in need.

Once you have weeded out the items you no longer need or use what is left are the things you need to find a home for.  The medicines and vitamins need to be divided into the things you use every day and the ones you use only as needed.

Generally the things you take everyday need to be in a place where you will remember to take them which is usually in the kitchen. Buy or find a basket or Rubbermaid type bin to keep the meds at hand and easy to access.

The other items such as cold meds; extra bottles of hygiene products should be categorized (notice there is no mention of alphabetizing) A bin with all the extra meds you need for you children should be put in a Rubbermaid type bin market KIDS MEDS.  I like the bins that have a locking top and usually have a handle.  When needed you can pull the whole bin out and find what you need easily. The same goes for adult medication and wound care.  Wound care items are things like bandages, antibiotic ointment, hydrocortisone etc.

For items like extra shampoo, conditioner, soap, and deodorant can be placed in an open basket.  You will be able to see them at a glance and they are often to tall for a closed bin then you don’t have to wrestle with the larger bottles wondering what to do with them.  This helps when you run out of an item it is easy to see what need to be replenished.

You see it really is not that complicated.

Before you start to categorize the things in you linen closet get rid of all the things that you no longer need, use or are outdated.

Categorize the rest and find the correct size bin that will fit in you closet and holds the items you need it to.

I know you can it!! A task that seems so over whelming sometimes can become very doable when you simplify the steps!  Hint Hint that works with so many other things all of us attempt to conquer in our quest to tame our homes.

So go ahead and set aside some time to clean out all those half full bottles that expired in 2000.  You have time before going out to shop for Valentines Day.