How to Get Your Boys to Do Chores

The idea of their son volunteering and pitching in with chores may cause some parents to weep for joy, but getting your son to contribute to the household should not be a horrible chore in itself.  In fact, chores can really help boost your son’s confidence, fulfill their need to be needed, and teach them to respect their own, as well as other people’s, time and effort.

One key to get everyone to help (as happily as possible) is how you present the idea of chores.  If you, as parents, complain and grumble, your son will follow suit with this same attitude.  Instead, try and maintain an upbeat attitude and use music or games to make chores as enjoyable as possible.  It’s also a good idea to start at a young age.  Let your son follow you around while you do chores – maybe even let him fold/play with a towel while you do laundry, and it would be a fun time for him to imitate and interact with you.  Seeing you do chores will also instill in him the understanding that chores are not impositions, but necessary in maintaining a comfortable home.

Getting started: Nobody likes to be taken for granted, so if your family decides to assign chores make sure there is a reward.  Rewards can be anything from a praise to allowances and chore charts*, this has to be determined by what works for your family and how old your son is. [Read more…]

How to Manage Household Chores

Out of the blue, my 8 year-old declares, “I’m into chores now!” in that that slightly amusing way that only a tween girl can declare. So at our next outing to Target, she went in search of a chore chart. Then at home, she and her 6 year old brother went about the serious business of filling it out. (No sarcasm here. Really.)

This is serious. They are taking it seriously and so am I. After all, the more buy-in from Team Sharon, the more cooperation I’m going to have, right?

I heard a friend of mine say once, “You can’t get mad at your teen for not doing any chores if they’ve never had to do it before.” Good point.

Them: What should we put down?

Me: You could put down the chores you are good at and like to do.
(How’s that for Yoga Parenting?!)

Them: So how much do we get when we get all our stars?

Me: Huh?

Son: How many dollars?

Me: You don’t get paid for chores! You get a clean room, dishes to eat off of, and happy dogs.


Me: …and an extra 30 minutes of screen time, IF you each earn 3 stars a week.

Over the next two days, the boy vacuumed and put everything in the playroom away. The girl made the bed and fed the dogs. Together, they emptied the dishwasher. Wow!

I’m going to call this a successful lesson learned from Ann Jordan on responsibility. They took ownership of the whole thing and so far, it’s working.

I’d love to hear from YOU on how you manage chores in your house. But don’t say you do them all yourself!!! 🙂 Leave me some pointers, will ya? … in the event that this is just a blissful “phase.”

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