How to Go Deep and Find Your SELF

We can travel wide, but that of itself will not fundamentally change us. For our lives to change, we must travel deep.
~ Marianne Williamson

Last week, I wrote about being out of balance. I hear this from so many of my mommy friends, especially those of us who feel conflicted about our careers and families. But how do we regain a sense of equilibrium in a modern world that’s going well over our personal speed limits.

(Insert ironic chuckle here considering the Universe confiscated my car for at least two weeks!)

It seems I’m being called to walk the talk, to teach as I learn, as it were. I still believe that the answers lie within — where our Higher Purpose is reflected in the stillness. Inside, we are most connected to our God. But getting there requires sloughing off layers and layers or crap — literally and figuratively. I haven’t had the fortitude “to go deep” and look at all the demons along the way, to tune out all the noise, to sift through all the baggage that I’ve carried with me to this point.

Dramatic? Okay, it sounds heavy but practically speaking, that means that as the end of 2010 approaches, I’m doing inventory and tossing out everything that no longer serves me —  in my house, in my body, and in my heart. As I told my kids this weekend, “It’s time to make room for all the new gifts you’ll be getting soon.”

Me too.

As Kelli so eloquently put it, “I think that God blesses us with gifts and talents that can and should be used to His glory.” So as they tackle the playroom. I’m attacking the pantry. Who’s with me?!

What do I expect to gain by cleaning out the crusty pantry of my soul? [Read more…]

How to Get Real

May you dwell in the house of the Lord forever” is more than a symbolic statement. It means, may your perception of what’s real and what’s not real be based only on God’s eternal realities, every moment. ~ Marianne Williamson

Apparently, it’s time for my personal reality check. It’s been a busy few months. That would be an understatement. Since June, MMM was part of Build-A-Bear Workshop’s Connecting in the CyBear Century. We also co-hosted Virginia’s virtual baby shower with KMOV, raising money for March of Dimes. We were on a panel at the Type A Mom conference, coordinated the St. Louis Mom Fashion Haul, and this week, speaking at the RISE Big Idea luncheon.

This on top of being mommy: parent-teacher conferences, birthday parties, soccer practices, soccer games, soccer games, soccer games (yes, I typed that three times)!

At least once a week, someone asks, “How do you do it?” I wish I could say that passion fueled me through all these activities. I wish I had a magic answer, at least one better than what I’m about to admit. But in fact, [Read more…]

How to Boost Your Mood: 7 Easy Ideas

Put energy into helping another person. I work to make my daughter's annual Father Daughter Dance special. We have tea and do her nails to get ready.

Mental Health Breaks for Short-Attention-Span People

Life is a long-term self improvement project. Sometimes we just need a little break to help us feel better fast. Here are some ideas.

1. Take a Real Lunch Break

On the second School Snow Day this winter, I hit a rut. Trying to work from home with high energy kids was driving me nuts. Around lunch time, my friend Alyssa and her kids stopped over on their walk around the block. We scrounged up lunch together. [Read more…]

How to Make Resolutions… and Break Them!

My daughter has a goal to be the first six-year-old with a hundred-dollar bill. I don’t have the heart to tell her about the Vanderbilt/Whitney/Mary-Kate and Ashley set. So far she’s accumulated three twenties from her weekly payoffs/allowances. resolutionsI’m glad she has a goal, even if the economy has turned our notions of thrift and hard work upside down. In that spirit, let’s take a look at a few resolutions we might as well break in the New Year. [Read more…]

How to Open Up Your Life

If you are feeling claustrophobic in your life, perhaps what you need is a way to open it up! (video 4:53) How can you make connections between the different realms of your life? [Read more…]

How to Change Your Life

stakeThat’s a tall order, huh? Okay… I might be overpromising.

I’m going to rewind oh, about five years. My then-husband and I were on the verge of a big move and I had narrowed our house search to a five-mile radius based on school district. I remember thinking to myself, “I want to change my life but I don’t want to change where I shop for groceries or get gas or drop off the dry cleaning.” When I wrote this in my journal later, I realized how silly it was. All those moments… grocery shopping, and getting gas and dropping off dry cleaning… add up all those moments… that IS life. Those were the activities that happened to fill mine at the time. If I wasn’t willing to change them, was I really willing to change my life? [Read more…]

How to Appreciate the Process of Change

And last in our conscious 3-part series of change, are some really encouraging and helpful thoughts from my wonderful friend, Kate. I’m sure it’s not the last we’ll hear of this subject, since it is after all, an ongoing process.

Change is like a box of chocolates…you never know what you’re going to get (AND it’s a little scary taking the first bite). Seriously, let’s face it, change can be scary – it offers little guarantee of ease or “success” but it DOES deliver on the promise of DIFFERENT. [Read more…]

How to Embrace Change

sunrise“Tomorrow the sun will rise… and who knows what the tide will bring.”

Great words from Chuck Noland. Ahhh… a new day. Or, more significantly, a NEW YEAR! And WHO KNOWS what the new year will bring!
(Bonus points to anyone who can name the movie in which that lovely quote was uttered!)

For moms (and dads!), change is just part of the territory. Just when you are adjusting to a schedule or routine, it changes. Just when you think you’ve come up with the perfect response to some unwanted behavior and it actually works… the next time, it doesn’t. Sometimes, the child you put to bed the night before doesn’t even seem like the same one that wakes up the following morning! I feel the exact same way about MYSELF! Friends who have been close to me these past few months love to tell me that I’m a completely different person. Fortunately, they reassure me that it’s for the better!

I’ve finally come to accept that change is… the only constant. Learning how to embrace it is one of the secrets to not living your life as a complete basket case!

What a perfect time of year to write about embracing change! I’m just not sure that I’m the best person to do it. I joke about how I am generally “pushy;” too eager to mix things up and try new things. I have a habit of leaping into the void and sometimes, I inadvertently drag people along that are not quite ready for the experience!!! So… I’ve invited some esteemed colleagues, whose approaches to change are likely to be… gentler! Interestingly enough, I got such great responses from them that I’ve decided to break it up into a 3-part series. So over the coming weeks, you’ll find some additional perspectives on the subject of CHANGE! [Read more…]