How to Install Britax Boulevard CS [video]

Watch a real mom install this car seat. Note that this is us, not Britax! This is as real as it gets, friends!!! I was sweating… but still turned down any assistance from Mr. Zen Mommy! 🙂 On a related note (and legal disclaimer), this video is not meant to relieve you of your responsibility of actually reading the owner’s manual. Follow at your own risk!

A plus for the Britax Boulevard CS is their click and safe system [their video explains quite nicely]. Fine… their video is much more polished.

Just to be clear, we are not a retailer but if you’ve decided that this is the car seat for you, we recommend visiting CSN Stores. They carry the Britax Boulevard CS in their ever popular Cowmooflage print, you’ll save $120 off the recommended price, and get free shipping.

This car seat was one of the featured items during our baby gear segment on Great Day St. Louis on KMOV4.

How to Make Sense of Car Seat Ratings

With all the brands and styles of car seats out there, researching our baby car seat was more involved than my senior thesis paper. Fortunately for me, I had a gaggle of girlfriends who had just had babies so my first pass was just checking out their models. Then I jumped online to visit the sites of some well-reputed organizations who publish annually updated Car Seat Ratings! Yipee, huh? [Read more…]