How to Prepare Expectant Fathers for Birth: Part 1

We all know the old adage that “Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus.” But if you’re expecting a baby, you may feel like you and your partner are not just on different planets, but in different galaxies! While you’ve become preoccupied with all things baby, his mind may be in a completely different place. In the effort to help prepare men to make the transition into fatherhood, we must first work to break down barriers.

Remember that he is NOT Superman! Let’s face it ladies, there are many of us who secretly want a knight in shining armor to carry us over the threshold, but real life is not a fairy tale. The pressure to be strong and unwavering emotionally is very real for many men. And while it was a positive change when fathers began to be present at birth in the 1970’s, this change also added more pressure to men in our society. Many expectant fathers feel extremely ill-equipped to enter the realm of childbirth, a space that was solely occupied by women up until recently. The expectant mother often doesn’t realize that maybe she, too, is subtly putting pressure on her partner to be the perfect husband/father/childbirth coach. [Read more…]

Month One: Our Twins Birth Story

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so instead of writing our birth story for you, I’ve decided to share it with you in pictures. 37 pictures to be exact. That’s 37,000 words worth of story for you in just three minutes. [Read more…]

How To Prepare for the Emotional Aspects of Birth

During pregnancy, a great deal of energy is exerted in preparation for the physical arrival of a new baby. Between multiple prenatal appointments, purchasing baby supplies, and taking childbirth classes, there is a limitless list of things to do before the birth. However, amongst all the physical preparations, there is a key aspect of birth preparation that’s often overlooked: the emotional preparation. Emotions, whether negative or positive, have a profound impact on pregnancy, birth and parenthood and it is vitally important for expectant couples to explore their emotions before the birth of their baby. Human emotions are complex and the process of exploring them cannot be condensed into a quick-and-easy “how to” list. However, here are some tips to help facilitate beginning this process: [Read more…]

38 Weeks: We are so BLESSED!

Welcome our sweet babies, Hadley and Colin Tucker, born Monday, February 1 at 9:58 and 10:02am weighing 6# 7oz and 6# 4oz.

We feel SO blessed and are thankful for all your thoughts and prayers all these months!

Photos will follow I promise….

With love,
Shawn, Suzanne, Reilly and Morgan

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How to Respond to Birth Trauma

If your baby has experienced a traumatic birth, this can lead to further complications like difficulty breastfeeding or breathing issues. What can you do to help? (Video 2:39)

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Week 36: Pre-Birth ENERGY

After weeks and weeks of planning, fixing up the nursery, washing and folding baby clothes, etc, etc… I’ve still managed to wake up each morning this week with new “To-Do-Before-Giving-Birth” items. I see each day as a gift of time… 24 hours to do the things that I’ve either flat out forgotten to do or, to be quite honest, do not need to do prior to labor, but left undone, would surely fall by the wayside for a couple months.

What are some of these “to-do’s” magically popping into my brain [Read more…]

Week 33: Blessingways and Birth

img_0467 (2)When Ria (aka Practical Mommy) offered to throw me a Baby Shower, as a to be third and fourth time mom expecting twins, I realized how special this was. Most moms get one go at the whole baby shower thing. I was lucky. I was getting a second go at it… and I wanted it to be special.

More than gifts and yummy food, (which i ain’t knocking ’cause they were great!) I wanted a day surrounded by the mothers and sisters in my life to celebrate the life (x2) I carry inside me. I wanted a day to dream with these amazing women about the day our babies will make their way into this world and into my arms. This is exactly what I got.

My Baby Shower included a Blessingway [Read more…]

Week 31: Newborn Baby Checklists

listI am making my list and checking it twice. It’s been almost seven years since I’ve brought a newborn home from the hospital and I am definitely suffering from some sort of mommy amnesia when it comes to remembering what I’ll need to have on hand. If you too are suffering from this rare disease or if perhaps it is your first time welcoming home a baby, let me enlighten you on what I’ve found. Here are are a few Newborn Checklists to help you prepare: [Read more…]

16 Weeks: Sex of the Babies. We’re Having…!

I HAD to add an addendum to week 16 ’cause since I posted this yesterday, we’ve had an ultrasound and know the sex of the babies!!! The US tech (Katie…LOVE HER) asked me what we thought they were before hand, and I told her, “If you tell me anything other than Baby A is a girl and Baby B is a boy, I’ll be floored.” And sure enough, IT’S [Read more…]