How to Write Your Own Story

unwrittenWhat guru says… happiness comes from engagement without attachment? Really… what guru doesn’t?! I love that the wisdom of the ages has once again been repackaged… in the song, Unwritten. Natasha Bedingfield demonstrates yet again that we are all soooo special and soooo ordinary! [Read more…]

How to Be Here Now

My word of the year in 2008 was “present”…a worthy word of the year for just about anyone on the planet, but especially so if you are a parent to young children. As a word of the year, it served me well; mostly showing me how oh so NOT present I am.

It seems the pull towards busy-ness is especially strong in the parenting years of life, but maybe that’s just because that is where I find myself. We want so much to give our all to our children, yet at the same time to have a little piece of ourselves B.C. (before children) left over for ourselves. The truth is, it’s not an either or thing. We don’t really have to choose to give it all away OR to save some for ourselves. That is the really great thing about love; it begets itself. [Read more…]