BADMOTHER: How to Stop “Should-ing” on Yourself!@#

Author Ayelet Waldman’s newest book, Bad Mother, inspired this video on “mother guilt” and the tendency we all have to “should” on ourselves. I hope you’ll watch, rate and comment. Let’s get this conversation G-O-I-N-G!!!

What conversation?! We’re having a book club discussion on THIS book. Practical Mommy has all the details HERE. Sign up here and the #badmother crew will send you Bad Mother’s Chapter One for FREE. Then join us… we’ll be TALKING May 11, 11am CST.

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How to Lay Off Other Moms

bad_mother2Today is THE DAY!

I’m reading Bad Mother: A Chronicle of Maternal Crimes, Minor Calamities, and Occasional Moments of Grace, the new book by Ayelet Waldman that officially hits bookstores on Tuesday, May 5. Ayelet has been gifted with wit, audacity and dare I say it, some serious balls! This new book follows on the heels of her highly controversial essay, Mother Love.

I want to discuss this book with YOU. It is at the core of our experience as moms and women… yeah, that’s YOU! Download a FREE copy of Chapter One below and let’s talk!!!

Waldman minces no words that Bad Mother is a reaction to being raked over the coals in mommy blogs and mainstream media and essentially being condemned (along with others like Britney Spears) as a “bad mother” herself. Note that not unlike the Salem Witch Trials, judge and jury in Waldman’s case were other moms!

“They speculated publicly, down in the toxic mud of the comments sections on blog pages, that I was crazy, evil, a menace, that my children should be taken away from me. They cross-examined me on the set of Oprah. And New York City’s elite Bad Mother SWAT team, the warrior shrews of, sank their pointy little incisors into my metaphorical ankles.”

What inspired such vitriolic reactions from the Mom Police? Waldman’s confession in the New York Times that she loves her husband more than her kids. That’s all. [Read more…]