Month Three: Big Baby Smiles

My husband and I have officially “survived” the first two months of parenting twins without going insane or hurting one another. That may sound harsh but if you’ve parented a newborn (or two) you know it’s generally not the easiest thing on one’s marriage. For real. I’m thinking back to our first two children and know for a fact that the hardest hit I felt to my overall sanity and my relationship to my hubby was following the birth of our first. If you’ve just had your first baby and are wondering if you may be heading to divorce court, hang in there!!! I promise things get better… and soon.

By about ten weeks post having a baby sleep deprivation has generally set in. And I don’t know about you and your hubby, but neither one of us are at our best when we’re exhausted. We’re both just all around more needy and less tolerant. Happily, we’ve been down this road before and can see the light (namely 5+ hours of blissful-solid-uninterrupted- sleep) at the end of the tunnel. Every night I go to bed I pray I will see the light. The waiting is a bit easier this time around though because I know what to expect… and I know it WILL come (one of these nights anyway).

But I have to say, I think it is a divine plan than just when we are feeling COMPLETELY exhausted from now months of sleepless nights, our little babies begin to smile. [Read more…]