How to Write Your Own Story

unwrittenWhat guru says… happiness comes from engagement without attachment? Really… what guru doesn’t?! I love that the wisdom of the ages has once again been repackaged… in the song, Unwritten. Natasha Bedingfield demonstrates yet again that we are all soooo special and soooo ordinary! [Read more…]

How to Change the World

Ready for a bedtime story, friends? Okay… it’s a good one. This reading, by my faithful “Faith” is for a few “half wild dogs” that I’m honored to run with… always Zen Mommy but also Jen, Leigh, Morgan, John, David, and Lewis. Keep making your own rules. You’re all Woolburs, the lot of you!

How do you change the world? By being your awesome wonderful authentic selves! And never follow the flock! Nevah!

Woolbur is my newest favorite kids book by Leslie Helakoski and Lee Harper.

How to Open Your Windows and Doors


I had a little freak out last night, folks. A completely irrational/completely emotional (whichever way you want to look at it) reaction to an external circumstance. I discovered that someone that I feel I am in complete dis-harmony with was encroaching on my personal space, my “safe place.” I surprised myself at how angry I got. I got so angry that I actually went back and made a comment on Zen Mommy’s post on Accepting the Unacceptable. My #themeword is AUTHENTICITY and here was someone who represents everything spurious… a lie… a fake… that which I name as the most unacceptable, coming into MY SPACE. And bless her, ZM called me with some of her wisdom… “Whatever this triggers in you is what you get to forgive.”


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