40 Weeks: In the Hospital Right Now!!!

Well hello from the delivery room! It’s 7:30 in the morning. They just started my Potocin drip about 30 minutes ago. I’m being induced on my due date. I’m having contractions but I can’t feel them.

I’m amazingly calm right now.

I have the nurse who was here when I came in for a stress test several weeks ago. Missy. She is awesome! Doctor just came by to check. I really like him, too.

Last night, my mother and sister drove in from Alabama. Yesterday felt like the day before my wedding. I was so excited but busy trying to get everything done. Knowing my life was going to change and I was going to have another amazing person to spend it with.

I can’t believe I will  see Skittles face today! I keep hearing about the natural high and indescribable feeling I will have when he is delivered. That’s what I focus on..that moment I get to touch him and rest him on my chest. It’s the reoccurring thought that I often have to block from my mind because it gets me so worked up. It seems to enter my mind every other hour and today I will finally experience it!

It’s funny, my always calm and relaxed husband is a little nervous this morning.  He’s just quiet and I can tell his mind is racing.

Okay. I can feel them now. These are different. I used to feel menstraul type cramps when they weren’t the real thing. These are lower and they sting. At least that is how they are right now. Like all your nerves in your pelvic area are being pulled. And here is another one. Not so bad but they are closer than I expected this soon.

I think every four minutes. That’s what the monitor indicates. It’s taken me a while to write this because they have to keep readjusting the sensors and now these hurt.

Yep. i was right. Every four minutes. So now it is 8:30 and you know what? I am asking for that epidural. I am not trying to be superwoman. Call me a wuss. I don’t care. I hear it takes a while to get the pain relief to kick in and the way this is going I bettter ask now. I will check in later.

Oh the baby is coming!!!!! and so are the tears!!!