38 Weeks: Contraction Confusion

I have been having contractions for a while now and I know they aren’t the real thing because they come and go and they ease when I lie down.

Well, this morning I didn’t know what to think.  I went to bed with mild contractions last night. They’re a combination of intense menstrual like cramps and severe lower back pain.  I woke up and still had back pain. Then the cramps returned on my way into work around 3.  I had a hard time walking up the stairs because now it feels like Skittles is planted about as far as he can go without coming out all together.

The pain came and went and then got really intense during the show.

As John and I were tossing to a reporter’s story around 5:15  this morning I almost burst into tears…here is the moment.

You can see the veins popping out of my arms because I am pressing down trying not to lose it.

I broke during the story and then some how got it together to read a quick 10 second story on camera.

Okay…so at this point my producer asks if I am going to be okay. I say “Yes, I don’t know, it just hurts.”

I kept going.  They continued to come every 15 minutes.  Now it just feels like the baby is stretching and pushing my insides down.  I’m confused. Is this the beginning of the real deal? Or is this just what I can expect for the next two weeks? It’s weird I want it to be the real thing and I don’t. I want to see his face but I’m also scared..This is all so unreal.

I keep thinking of the episode of  “A Baby Story” I watched yesterday with a woman in mega pain for 12 hours before she was even close enough to go to the hospital.  Of course I was sobbing by the end. Good tears.

Oh! My sister in law Christy is going to be induced Tuesday. She says her gut is telling her that I will go before her or on the same day. She is usually right about everything.  So who knows…

It’s 8:25 AM and as of now my back still hurts and the cramps continue to come and go but they aren’t worse. I hear if they don’t get worse they aren’t the real deal…..Let me know what you think.  I PROMISE  I will update this if there is breaking news!

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