37 Weeks: We’re in the Red Zone Now!

In the red zone. My Alabama running back has the ball and is making his way to the end zone…doctor says he could score that touchdown at anytime!

When he told me that yesterday. I cried. That’s a shocker. Little dude is about to be a big reality!

Thanks for the sweet comments about my whiny, sex post. I am in a much better place this week.   I realize that it would be hard for anyone to feel sexy when they wear this every day.

This is the outfit my poor husband has to look at EVERY SINGLE DAY. Target tee shirt (I have this in five colors), pair of his boxer briefs and my Heineken trucker hat. Now that’s hot!

I took this picture so I could show Skittles how classy his mom was while she was carrying him..Oh and here is the ONE AND ONLY belly shot.

I swore I would never do that but my Gosh at this point..WHO CARES??!!

Kitchen is done, too! and as promised I took some pictures. I swear it looks better in person! Here we go..Before: oak cabinets, yellow laminate counter tops, brass ceiling fan and little decor.

After: Antique white, glazed rustic cabinets, black granite counter tops, updated ceiling fan and pops of color.

Now I am entering the nesting cleaning phase.  I have to clean out closets this weekend.

Three more weeks! Three more football games! This weekend is a big one. #1 Bama vs #10 Arkansas. My Arkansas friend Jill is coming over.  She is 8 months pregnant. With all the SEC passions and pregnancy hormones this could get ugly!!!!!!

Roll Tide!!!

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