35 Weeks: Losing My Mind

I thought I knew sleep deprivation and acid reflux but apparently we weren’t formally introduced until this week.

Now I know them all too well.  They have left my brain scrambled, by mouth filled with canker sores and my face looking a year older.

I have spent the last two nights propped up on pillows, sleeping on my side only to be awakened by a gush of acid gagging me every 30 minutes. And it burns. Wednesday night I finally just got up at midnight because it hurt so much to be in bed.

I worked a 9 1/2 hour shift on less than two hours of sleep yesterday. It was the longest day ever.

But here’s what is driving me crazy. I am in nesting mode. Not cleaning nesting, redecorating nesting. My husband and I are making over the kitchen. We know we have less than five weeks to get it done before Skittles comes and takes over the house and our lives.

We’ve had the counter tops and light fixtures replaced. Now we are painting and glazing the cabinets.  I spent his past weekend making picture frames and framing black and whites I took in our yard  and of our dog. I have this modern, french country theme going. I’m obsessed with blogs of crafty women who share my taste. I take their home decor ideas and then recreate them with my personal touch.

But NO ONE  has seen it. I don’t share pictures, I don’t ask for advice, I don’t have people over. I’m waiting for the big reveal.

Well, now I’ve convinced myself that it looks terrible and I don’t know what I am doing. Last night I told my husband I may redo all the picture frames. He convinced me to wait.

I tried to take pictures to post but I couldn’t do it. This has to be a pregnancy thing..right? I’m hormonal and tired and stressed about going into labor. Maybe that is it. I found a distraction to keep my mind off  going into labor and now that the end is near for both my makeover and pregnancy I am subconsciously finding another distraction.

I don’t care so much today because I leave for the doctor in a half hour to get another ultra sound.  I GET TO SEE SKITTLES AGAIN! The doctor wants to check on the choroid plexus cysts again. Six weeks ago they appeared to be shrinking.

I will tell you about our doctor visit tomorrow and post pictures of Skittles..Can’t wait to see him!

I MIGHT  show you before and afters of the kitchen next week. We should have the cabinets done by then and one of the wall decor items I secretly ordered (I told my husband I was finished buying decorations) off Ebay should be in.

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