32 Weeks: Focused

First of all, thank you so much for all the great hospital bag suggestions. They are all so helpful. Things I didn’t think of that you guys did: personal pillow, thick socks, granny panties, pads, pajamas you don’t mind getting dirty, sour hard candies, boppy pillow and a draft email.

The draft email came from Zen Mommy.  She suggests you write up your birth announcement email and copy all the people you want to send it to ahead of time so all you have to do is upload the baby’s picture and include the name once you’re at the hospital. Genius!

I just feel focused now. Organizing the baby’s room. Washing baby clothes.

I find myself talking about Skittles all the time.. I think I’m annoying. At least, I think my husband may thinks so.

He doesn’t say anything but I catch myself only talking about the baby when I see him.  I usually just talk about how he’s moving or how he knows Jason’s voice or how I am worried the kids is going to get lost in the corn field behind our house or never come in the house because he is obsessed with the outdoors like Jason or how his hair is my property until at least grade school–(If Jason is in charge of the haircuts, that  kid will have his head buzzed the minute his hair is the length of a grain of rice)

Ha! Jason’s mom gave us some argyle, baby leg warmers the other day.

They look like these.

You should have seen his face.  I knew by that expression that those leg warmers may be the only argyle our son ever owns.

He may not wear them though. The way this kid is kicking..his legs won’t ever need warming.

Gotta go! Don’t forget.  We are less than a week out from the big virtual shower!!!


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*You’re invited to a baby shower for Virginia on Wednesday, August 25. More details.