30 Weeks: Holy Heartburn!

Let the final countdown begin! Ten more weeks IF Skittles decides to come on time. I told him he could come in 9 weeks if he wants to. This trail of fire running through my chest and stomach is kind of an issue. I eat Tums for dessert now.

Passed out in the nail salon Sunday. My doctor says it’s all about blood flow. I can’t sit in any chair with a tilted seat. The pedicure chair did me in. Poor nail technician..she screamed. I was okay after I laid out on the middle of the floor. No one else was there. I go right when they open to avoid the fumes..

But the gestational diabetes test came back negative..it really is about the way I sit.

Other than that, I’m pretty much on cruise control.

Here’s the fun part. I think Skittles knows his name.  Especially if Jason says it. AND he knows his nickname Skittles. He kicks when it is said around him.

Yesterday, Jason and I met with the babysitter for the first time and met her family. Her youngest walked in the room and asked, “Where’s Skittles.” They know my nieces and that’s what they call him, too.  The little boy didn’t know Skittles hadn’t been born and thought he was going to see Skittles. Anyway, Skittles started kicking right then.

My poor son is going to kill me if that nickname doesn’t wear off by kindergarten


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