25 Weeks: Worried

Three weeks from the third trimester and all of a sudden I’m worried. Not sure what sparked it.

Now I worry more about what I am eating and drinking.  I also went back to the doctor to see if the choroid plexus cyst on the baby’s brain is gone.

It’s not.  In fact, they found a second one. The ultra sound tech said they usually go away in the third trimester but if it doesn’t it could be a soft marker for down syndrome.  I go back in four weeks to check again.

The baby looks normal other than that. Oh here’s a new picture.

Scratch what I said before. Now I think the baby has MY nose. Poor child.  He will be cute no matter what. And he will be loved a ton no matter what.

My gut tells me every thing is fine, but I know now what moms means when they say “you will always worry about something”

How do you cope with that sick, gut feeling?

Meanwhile, Skittles is kicking something fierce. He’s kicking right now in fact.

Now when I look at my belly at night I can see my skin rise.  That is freaky looking! I like it though.  I love all of it.  I think I will miss having the little guy in my belly.



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