24 Weeks: Packin’ On the New Mom 15

24 weeks and 15 pounds.  I’m actually okay with the weight gain. That’s a big deal coming from me. I have struggled with my weight since 9th grade.  Mainly emotional eating issues.

I tell you this, because it’s part of this positive force that’s taking over me during my pregnancy.  I know I was griping last week about the hubs, my mood swings and the lack of nursery progress but most days I am high on life. And it’s all because of this baby boy I like to call Skittles.

BTW, no, I am not naming my child Skittles.  Someone asked me that this week.  But the name is the only secret I seem to be able to keep so it’s Skittles for now.

I know I have to gain weight for the baby.  Every time I start to feel light headed or have stomach pains, that little boy starts kicking. So I don’t waste anytime getting my hands on some food.

I also started exercising this week. I do it because I seriously think the baby enjoys it.

I know it sounds crazy, but I am so convinced he is just like my husband I do things that I know my husband enjoys. Jason is super athletic and he gets grumpy if he’s hungry,  can’t be outside or doesn’t exercise. He’s also in love with our yellow lab Saban and plays with him several times a day.

So Skittles and I are exercising and we run around outside with Saban at least once a day. I know. Psycho.  But there’s more.

I am also convinced that this little guy is laid back and drama free like my husband. Yes, I was crazy last Tuesday but that is only the second time during my whole pregnancy I have felt like that.

I remember when I met Practical Mommy Ria for the first time I told her I actually think when I’m exhausted from this overnight shift, the baby tells me to go to bed.

She told me some prenatal psychologists say unborn babies and their mothers are so connected they both influence each other’s moods and thoughts.  I believe it!

If this is all true, I am going to have a laid back, fun loving baby!

As for his fun loving father..he is almost finished with the nursery.

Here’s a small sample. Not a great shot. I took it at 2:30 this morning before I left the house.


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