23 Weeks: It’s A Boy!!!!

I told you I couldn’t keep a secret. I all but gave it away on TV yesterday so I got permission from the hubs to tell you Skittles is a boy. A very active little boy who feels like he’s already practicing soccer and basketball every two to three hours. After all, his dad played every sport in school!

Here’s Skittles at 21 weeks

I know I’m just a delusional mom-to-be but don’t you think he has Jason’s cheek bones and nose?

Last night, he started something new. He is now pinching my nerves in my back.  At least, I assume he has something to do with the sharp pain in my back. And I will assume he got that from my husband, too.

I have a wonderful, caring husband but I discovered this week that he has a lot to learn when it comes to dealing with a hormonal weepy pregnant wife.


I’ve been pretty sane for the last five months or so, but man, on Tuesday I was a mess. I had this big, bad ball of a cry swelling in my chest all morning.  EVERYTHING was upsetting me. I almost threw up during the morning show and by the time I made it to the Great Day set for a pregnancy segment I had to warn the host Carol that I was about three minutes away from being a huge bawling mess and it may happen on air. Carol was great, she said I could cry all I wanted since the segment was on pregnant women.  I didn’t. I got through it. I actually made it until my husband got home and then it just all came out. You know the kind of cry that makes no sense because the between the heaving and sniffles you are just spewing out random non sense?

That was the cry. And of course Jason can’t solve any of those “problems” because they sounded so irrational to him so he got frustrated. He tried to calm me down by asking me why I was worried about things that weren’t a problem and eventually just walked out of the room when I stopped talking.  Hello! That doesn’t mean I’m finished sulking..I was just taking a break!

Later, I told him the next time I act like that, don’t try to reason with me. Just tell me I’m right and that I look beautiful (feeling fat was on my whine list) even if it’s a total lie. He said he would.  Low and behold.  I’ve been fine since. At least until the next wave of hormones comes over me.

The lesson I learned…now that I am sane for the time being…is to try and be proactive instead of reactive. I have to sort through all the worries and annoyances while they aren’t bothering me so I can make rational solutions to them now and then remember them during my next rage. And I can’t blow them off.  For instance, I was mad at Gold’s Gym for double charging my account.  So I will continue to call them until the money is refunded but I’m promising only to call them on the days I am not hormonal.  I will say this, pregnancy makes you assertive! I’m usually non confrontational to a fault but now I won’t let anyone get away with crap. As for the feeling fat thing, I am making myself start an exercise routine.  That will make me feel proactive and should reduce the stress. Plus, I think Skittles likes it. I can feel him getting all excited when I’m out playing with the dog. Oh! and he likes Harry Connick Jr. Skittles was dancing up a storm at the concert the other night! At least he got MY taste in music 😉


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