Summer Fun Idea List

Play a prank on a friend

Go Bird Watching

Fishing – Whether it is deep sea, stream or fly – fish on!


Climb a Tree

Go Rock Climbing

Play Paintball

Geocaching GPS – Using a GPS you can search for treasure boxes that are hidden all over the world. Lots of fun and a great way to discover nooks and crannies of where you live.
GPS Adventuring – Go adventure somewhere with your GPS and mark your trail on your GPS as you go. No matter where you go you will find your way back.

Bike Around Your Local University Campus

Shoot Some Hoops – you know – basketball hoops

Ride a Tandem Bike

Go Mountain Biking

Go to a National Park and find a cool hiking trail

Street Hockey

In-line Skating

Jog at sunset with some really cool music on your Ipod

Have a Big Party

Learn to Juggle

Go Roller Skating

Enter a Running Race

Run a Mile

Steep Run – Run down the steepest hill you can find,

Go for a Look for Cool Rocks Hike

Play Ping Pong


Snorkle in a pool and hunt for cool things you put there for each other.

Do a round of Speed Golf – That is golfing as fast as you can.

Play Soccer

Swim (in the tub if they are little enough and don’t have a pool!!!)

Play Tennis

Triathlon – Train and enter for a triathlon or create your own.

Play Baseball or throw the ball.

Go for a Bike Ride

Play Volleyball

Relax – Hammock Time

Read a book

Have your own Olympi Games – Set up a series of events or obstacles courses. Only limited by your ability and imagination. Take it the extra step and arrange some medals for the awards ceremony.

Bounce on a Trampoline

Have a Wheelbarrow Race

Blueberries up Your Nose – – Ok this one does sound weird but it is still pretty fun. This is a contest where you stick a blueberry up your nose and try to blast it the farthest. ( see other strange fun ideas)

Play Some Boccie Ball

Have a Bonfire and Roast Marshmallows

Deck Lounging

Have a Big Scavenger Hunt with your friends – post all your clues on Twitter

Get Some Firecrackers – Remember Safety First

Have a Fondue or Make a Banana Split (other food ideas here)

Musical Chairs

Take Photos of Pets in funny hats, or glasses

Start a Herb Garden

Have a Pillow Fight

Play Twister

Have a Water Fight with the Garden Hose, water balloons or water guns

Listen to Some Rock Music from a Totally Foreign Country

Have a Limbo Contest

Have a Paper Airplane Distance Contest

Photography – Get everyone to express the same emotion in a picture. Anger, confusion, glee, uneasiness, seduction etc..

Have a Talent Show – take some video with a digital camera and put it on Youtube

Plant a Time Capsule or something else creative

Pie Someone

Cloud Evaluation – Look for shapes in the clouds

Instead of spending money on airfare or a hotel room – have a backyard vacation

Slip and Slide

Watermelon Seed Spitting Contest

Play Spin the Bottle

Have a Lemonade Stand

Favorite Tunes – Music Make a list of your favorite songs then make a CD


Baseball or just play some catch

Have a Three-Legged Race – If you have a lot of people you can play three-legged soccer or three-legged baseball.

Build a Tree House

Tricycle Races – Kids or adults can have fun this one. Make sure everybody wears a helmet.

Draw with Chalk on the Sidewalk

Have an Egg Toss

Play Hackeysack

Do a Headstand

Play Fun Questions

Watch Fireflies

Messy fun thing to do – Food Fight

Do arts and crafts outside

Get up early and watch the sunrise

Have a cool picnic

Throw a Frisbee around