Welcome to the PAJAMA PARTY!!!

On Tuesday, April 14 at 8pm CST we shared practical and inspired tips, amazing prizes, and great girl bonding time! In case you missed it and have a spare three hours, check it out below! Our theme was Women Entrepreneurs and special guests Guy Kawasaki, Lewis Howes and Elena Verlee shared their tips on entrepreneurship, networking and PR.

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Note that that the company name will show up as Basa Body LLC. This widget will be active through April.

1) Make a $12 donation with the 12 for 12k ChipIn widget for Yehu.org

2) For EVERY $12 donation you make to the Pajama Party Raffle, you will receive one entry in the raffle. Think of it as $12/ticket. If you donate $120, you get 10 tickets. You can specify the item(s) you want those tickets to go towards by putting the item’s raffle number in the box labeled “Send Comments to the organizer,” which appears AFTER you’ve completed the payment process.

• For a $12 donation that I wanted to go towards Creativille’s banner ad, I would enter “4” in the special instructions box.

• For a $36 donation, I could enter: “3,4,5” (if I wanted 1 ticket each for the Platinum Pass, the Web Banner Ad, and Myself Belts)

• Or, if I wanted all 3 tickets to go towards Myself Belts, I would enter “3,3,3” in the special instructions box.

We’ll be using random.org to pick the winners. Redemption codes will be sent email so when you get the confirmation message from aWeber from Practical Mommy, please open it and follow the instructions, k?

Let’s Partay!!!


(1) The Ultimate LinkedIn Tool Kit from @lewishowes ($247 value)

(2) $145 worth of  “PR in Your Pajamas” eBooks from @pajamaspr (who is also calling in with tips for Mom Entrepreneurs)

(3) Platinum Pass to Affiliate Summit East in NYC  from @MissyWard ($999 value)

(4) Web banner ad from @creativille ($300 value)

(5) $300 worth of copyediting from @MissIve

(6) $100 gift certificate from 2 Little Stars

(7) Three Myself Belts ($50 value)

(8) 2-$50 gift certificates from @jgoode

(9) 4 pairs of lollipop jeans custom embellished for the cause from @Sweetpeazz

(10) $50 gift certificate from Periwinklebloom

(11) $50 gift certificate from Distinctively Divine

(12) 2-$50 gift certificates from Ruby’s Secret Stash

(13) A one-of-a-kind cashmere scarf from Angelina Accoutrements

(14) One month of positive parenting coaching from My Mommy Manual ($297 value)

(15) 2-$50 gift certificates from BeautiControl

(16) $50 gift certificate from Stork Gifts

(17) 4 Starter Kits from Better Life Organic Cleaning Products (@cleanhappens)

(18) $50 gift certificate from Artistic Sensations

(19) $50 gift certificate from RedWagonPresents

(20) Ubuntu Hoody ($50) from @MotherTongues

(21) Alltop T-Shirt and his book, Reality Check from @GuyKawasaki

(22) 2 Maclaren Mac Sac Diaper Bags from CSN Baby ($75 each)

(23) Autographed copy of Journalution from @sandygrason

(24) Pajama Bear from Vermont Teddy Bear ($70)

(25) $50 gift certificate from Peekaboo Kids Gear

(26) $50 gift certificate from Red Wagon Presents

And of course, 3 sets of PJ’s and robes from (27) SleepyHeads

In case you’re more of a visual person, here’s a SHORT video on how to enter the raffle:

Pajama Party Credits


  1. I am looking forward…see you all there! :~)

  2. I’m looking forward to it!

    BTW, I forgot to put #17 in the notes to merchant box… thought I had one more screen to go before I needed to add that. lol my payment will say from: forageek

    No problem if I can’t be entered because of my mistake! 🙂

  3. Thanks for leaving a comment, Erica. Now we definitely won’t forget! 🙂 Can’t wait to see/chat with everyone! I love Better Life. Once you’ve tried their cleaning products, you’ll never go back. I’ll be going on a furious cleaning binge on Tuesday, with MY starter kit! 🙂

  4. What a great event! Glad I could be a part of it for short amount of time.

    I’m with you in spirit (and in my PJ’s too, soon enough)!

    Have a great night!


  5. Thank you so much GNO and 12for12K. It was fun listening into your pj party.
    I never got to put in comments after my donations tonight for some reason so I thought Id jot them here. Thanks for putting the time in to make this happen.

  6. ahhh yes I totally forgot to put the info in about the prizes after I checked out too *sigh*. One day I’ll do something and read all of the instructions first 🙂

  7. Hi everyone, the pajama party was so wonderful and informative and you guys did such an awesome job!!!! Do it again soon!!!!

  8. Thank you for all your kind words of support. We may just have to do that so we can bask in the glow of all your love. No, seriously, as cheesy as that sounds. Your comments, chats, emails… half the fun of this project was collaborating with so many cool people to make it happen.

    Appropriate props must be given… so check out the Pajama Party Credits!!!

    MWAH to all of you!

  9. Great job, ladies – the PJ party was immense fun, and fantastic job on the fundraising efforts.

    Look forward to seeing more parties like this 🙂



  10. Already plotting, Danny, my friend. Already plotting!

    So… hey, to all those awesomely awesome folks who joined us for the party… did we deliver the practical and inspired tips as promised? Give us some feedback so that next time, we can make it even better.

    Give us some topics you might be interested in

    Ya, next time, I’ll remember not to scream into the mic so much. Promise. 😉

  11. I watched the video and it was so funny and inspiring. So much so I emailed a link to my wife who inturn has emailed it to her girlfriends.

  12. Graham, thank you so much. Glad you liked it! 🙂


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