Pajama Party Credits

Our theme word for 2009 is CONNECTION. 1) We’re all connected and 2) We just can’t do anything ALONE…and it wouldn’t be any FUN if we did!


1 pajama party

3 hours

1,382 attendees

46 Winners

$1,207 for

Although gratitude is ongoing, we want to take a [page] to thank everyone who stepped up to pull of this stunt in less than 10 days.

Thank you to everyone who bought raffle tickets, including our ludite friends in the real world (Yeah, I saw YOU on there too!). And we’re working on the drawing! Scroll down to the end for WINNER’S LIST!

Thank you to everyone who promoted, linked to, tweeted about the fundraiser. We made it to #3 on last night… just above Britney Spears!

Wondering what we’re talking about? Here’s the scoop! And yes, we taped the whole thing so don’t miss out on the great expert entrepreneurial advice from guest PJ Party-ers: Guy Kawasaki, Lewis Howes, and Elena Verlee as well as words from the trenches — business owners in attendance!


Please spread the love! All these folks were so generous with their products and services. Let’s give some back by supporting their businesses!

Guy Kawasaki
PR in Your Pajamas
Better Life
Affiliate Summit
J Goode Designs
2 Little Stars
Nicole Rekart
Ann Hirshfeld
Artistic Sensations
Myself Belts
Distinctively Divine
Ruby’s Secret Stash
Stork Gifts
Michaela Turner
CSN Baby
Peekaboo Kids Gear
Mother Tongues
Susannah Marriott
Vermont Teddy Bear
Danny Brown

Also…Schlafly Bottleworks who spoiled us pajama-partying-gals with abundant and yummy ap’s!!!


Adam Bilsky Better Life Starter Kit
Angela Estes Distinctively Divine $50 Gift Certificate
Anne d’Assonville jgoode $50 Gift Certificate
Anne M White Yogi Parenting Personalized Parenting Coaching
Charles Heikkinen Better Life Starter Kit
Christina Gleason autographed copy of Journalution
Dana Taylor Red Wagon Presents $50 Gift Certificate
David Garland Reality Check & Alltop T-Shirt
Deirdre Reid Copyediting from @MissIve
Diana Scimone Web Banner from Creativille
Diann Cage BeautiControl $50 Gift Certificate
Elizabeth Ziesenis Belt from Myself Belts
H N Reisinger Lollipop Jeans
Heidi Howes Ubuntu Hoodie
Ilana Johnson Lollipop Jeans
J Kevin Nations Better Life Starter Kit
Jaclyn Hobbin Pajama Bear Vermont Teddy Bear
Jaime L. Shafer Ruby’s Secret Stash $50 Gift Certificate
Jamee Culbertson Angelina Accoutrements Cashmere Scarf
Jana Souza Periwinklebloom $50 Gift Certificate
Jennifer Goode Lollipop Jeans
Jennifer Kaslow Better Life Starter Kit
Jim Rocco Stork Gifts $50 Gift Certificate
Jodie Kelley sleepyheads robe and pajamas
John Haydon PR in your Pajamas eBook
Jon Aston PR in your Pajamas eBook
Joni Doolin BeautiControl $50 Gift Certificate
Julie Shearburn Artistic Sensations $50 Gift Certificate
Kristine Thurgood PR in your Pajamas eBook
LeNesha Carey 2 Little Stars $100 Gift Certificate
Lewis Howes Affiliate Summit Platinum Pass
Lindsay Griffiths Ruby’s Secret Stash $50 Gift Certificate
Peter Sinton Belt from Myself Belts
Richard Marti PR in your Pajamas eBook
Robert Peaslee PR in your Pajamas eBook
Sarah Nguyen sleepyheads robe and pajamas
Sarah Robinson Belt from Myself Belts
Sharlene Jose BeautiControl $50 Gift Certificate
Scott S Imata Full Blog set-up from Danny Brown
Susan Thompson jgoode $50 Gift Certificate
Theresa Hissong Peekaboo Kids Gear $50 Gift Certificate
Tim Walker Better Life Starter Kit
Timonie Hood PR in your Pajamas eBook
Todd Jordan Ultimate LinkedIn Tool Kit
Tonya Staab Lollipop Jeans
Tricia Mumby Maclaren Mac Sac Diaper Bag from CSN Baby
Wayne Wagner Maclaren Mac Sac Diaper Bag from CSN Baby


  1. Fun to the end! Party on girls.

  2. Great night, great people, great hosts, great prizes – great fun!

    Well done everyone for supporting and donating – you all rock! 🙂

  3. Great prizes! Lucky winners! Wish I could have been with you girls.


  4. oh my goodness. I won lollipop jeans. How exciting. Thank you.

    The event was so much fun and I’m really looking forward to attending the 12for12k event in San Diego tonight too.

    Congrats to all the other winners.

  5. Awesome job! How does one claim their prize?

  6. hey tim, just depends on who won what. (each vendor had a lil bit different of a system.) what did ‘ja win?!?!? thanks for being there and supporting 12for12k!!?!? and mom it forward…and of course MMM. how fun was that? i’m already talking practical mommy into our NEXT party for a cause…we’re thinking a BBQ in July :p

  7. Coolio. Looks like I won the “Better Life Starter Kit.”

  8. Great job by all! Thanks so much for getting it together. I am so glad to be able to donate jewelry to this awesome cause. I look forward to the next opportunity!

  9. Wow…Wow….Wow!! First, I wanted to thank you for being a part of something so great! When I saw the tweets about the pj party, I figured I’d check it out. Seriously, I wasn’t there to win anything, just wanted to donate to a GREAT CAUSE! However, winning was a bonus. I received the Mac Sac yesterday and it’s so cool! Just wanted to pass a long a giant thanks for putting together a great program!! Keep me updated if you decide to do another pj party!!

    Thanks again!


  1. […] ladies behind the Pajama Party kick back. Please check out their after party post to for their roundup and the list of winners.  For the record, I won The Ultimate LinkedIn Tool […]

  2. […] get what you give, right? Mymommymanual was so inspired by the success and good vibes from their Mom It Forward/12 for 12k Pajama Party… they just don’t want the Giving to end! So they’re establishing an ongoing My Mommy Manual […]