How to Create Unique Nick Names for Babies

Parents usually invest time and effort in finding the perfect name for their babies. It is common that once a name is given to a baby, an appropriate nickname also follows. While there are a lot of uncommon and unique names for babies, the idea of combining two names for a baby is also common. Sometimes, one of these two names or the initials of the two names become the nickname.

Nicknames are given to shorten a name or a manner used to eliminate the formality in addressing a person. Babies are given nicknames to call them in an affectionate or more personal manner. Babies tend to have cute and fun nicknames. Depending on what is their real name, parents can always come up with something cute and affectionate to call their babies aside from their given names.

Some common baby nicknames that parents use to call their baby girls include Lily for Lilibeth, Jessie for Jessica, Annie for Annette, Lizzie for Elizabeth and Ella for Michaella and for baby boys, Bernie for Bernard, Mickey for Michael and Willy for William. Some parents with babies that have name combinations use the initials to come up with a nickname for their babies. Examples of these are; MJ for Mary Jane, JR for John Robert and RJ for Ronald Allen.

Coming up with a nice nickname to call your baby sometimes require a little creativity and a lot of affection for the baby. Some nicknames just come spontaneously like calling a baby girl Little Missy or a baby boy Little Mister for that sense. Some parents or even relatives and friends come up with their own nicknames for the baby thus creating a wide variety of nicknames. It is even surprising to know sometimes that a baby is called differently by different people despite of having a given name by his parents. This is how nicknames are, they are informal, spontaneous and more often than not, just elements of fun and affection. They are different adaptations of a person’s real name.

Giving your baby an appropriate nickname lessens the chances of people naming your baby any other way. Nicknames are sometimes used to make fun of a certain name or person. Parents should be careful in giving their babies nicknames as this may connote something else to other people. In creating baby nicknames, the integrity of the baby’s real name should be preserved.

Steve works for MTBBN where you can search Baby Names, Unusual Baby Names, and Top 100 Baby Names

Steve works for MTBBN where you can search Baby Names, Unusual Baby Names, and Top 100 Baby Names

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  1. My sons name is Duncan. I abhore the nikname Dunc and thus, we don’t use it. Instead, we call him MonkeyBoy, Dude, or Duncan.

    I wanted to choose a name with several nickname options so the child could choose what the want to be called. Then…my husband suggested Duncan Scott. It was perfect. It just felt right.

  2. Sandie, I love the name Duncan! Very strong. We considered Tobias for our son… but were concerned that it was too serious and yet, Toby seemed so “young” for a grown man.

  3. I LOVE this post. I’m always looking for baby names for my future spawn :o)

    I want something unique, especially since my husband’s name and mine are bot so common. I’ve wrote a few posts about baby names on my blog and I’m really stuck with one problem about a grandpa who wants our child to be his “name sake” if you get a chance I’d love your advice!

  4. Well, Jennifer.. maybe we should take a poll! If anyone has suggestions for cute baby names, add a comment. Right now, I’m really liking the name Ivy.


  5. hmmm. on relatives jockying for namesakes, i have to say i would find that a little hard to swallow. there is nothing more sacred or private to me that the process a couple goes thru in “discerning” the name of their child. if a family member’s name is picked, then they are given a gift and must feel very honored. For me, this is an honor not to be demanded, expected…or really even hinted at 😉 ya know?

    it’s important to quiet all the other voices around us i think, and to really “listen” for our babies name…it will come…if even after that baby is in our arms.

  6. Heather Wheeler says:

    the progression of nicknames for our son Lucas: prebirth is was WheeBorn a combination of my husband’s and my last name, Whee Whee and Bad Baby ( I was really sick!). Once he was born it became Luke, Lukey, Lukie Dookie, Dookie, Duke-ster, Dookles, Dookie Boy, Mister Man, Bud, Buddy, Butters, Monster, Booger, Wook (from his 2 year old cousin) and just from Mommy – Pumpkin and Pumkin Pie – This poor guy is never going to know his real name!!