Month Two: Tummy Time

I remember tweeting with a dad of twins and he told me “the first three weeks are the honeymoon period. Enjoy them!” And he was right! Baby girl and baby boy are now much more awake than when we first brought them home. Just when you’re getting used to the routine… eat, sleep, wake, diaper change, eat, sleep, wake… (you get the picture) things have changed. The GOOD NEWS is this gives us plenty of time to play. Here are some ideas to keep you and your nearly two month old baby active during their increasing alert time:

  • Tummy time. Get out the camera ’cause you never know if your ttle one will ROLL for the first time like my baby girl did here!

  • Massage time
  • Bath time
  • Go outside and smell the fresh air / take a walk
  • Play music, sing and dance. No one is watching… I promise 😉

Send me your newborn play ideas. I’d love some tips as baby boy and baby girl are awake and ready to play more and more each day!


  1. Anna&Pax's Mom says:

    They can roll at 2 months – I must have forgotten that!

    Our new thing is letting our three year old read them some of his baby board books. They love the big bold pictures and he like to see them smileI

    I just found your site and love it. My b/g twins were born Feb 1st 2010, so I’ll be watching for your posts about yours.