Hi all. I’m excited to say that Ria and I have planned a USTREAM.TV party with some of our online mommy friends and you’re invited. We’ll be streaming live from my home at 11am on TUESDAY, MARCH 16th and I’d LOVE to introduce you to Hadley and Colin.

The real event of the day is to launch the Yogi Parenting Course, and as I am still on maternity leave, Ria agreed to bring the party to Hadley, Colin and I!!!

Sooooo, not only will we be launching Yogi Parenting… talking with some groovy mom friends about all things parenting AND giving away prizes, but I will finally be able to introduce Hadley and Colin to you as well. One day they will look back on this and laugh saying, “Mom used to UStream. HA. That’s so old school!”. Here is the link you’ll need to join the party.

Speaking of Hadley and Colin growing up, we had our one month check up yesterday. NOW I know why I’ve been eating like a member of the Olympic Cross Country Skiing Team. Together Colin and Hadley gained two and a half pounds in two weeks. That is 20 ounces a week or 3+ ounces a DAY. Man, there is nothing like weight gain to make a breastfeeding mama (of twins) feel good about the many hours spent (on the couch through the day and in the glider through the night) nursing. Don’t get me wrong. Nursing is rewarding in it’s own right, but knowing my babies are indeed packing on the pounds is hugely reassuring and gives me sort of a nursing “second wind” (if there is such a thing).

Now four weeks old, I am also starting to catch more and more glimpses of what my sweet baby boy and girl will look like with smiles on their faces. Definitely a divine plan, those little smiles emerging right about now when we new parents are wondering if we’ll ever sleep through the night again. Here are some shots of my cuties. I don’t know if any of you reading this also have a large year spread between your kids, but I have to tell you, my 7 and 9 year olds are sooo into their baby brother and sister and have been a big time help. Not the sort of spacing I’d “planned” for but definitely comes with some HUGE perks.

I hope you can be there to meet the twins Tuesday, March 16th! They’ll be dressed in their Irish best to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day which is on the 17th! It’ll be a blast.

If you would like to parent with more joy and less stress be sure to check out Yogi Parenting. There will be some great offers at the launch party for anyone wanting to transform their relationships with their children.


Zen Mommy is Suzanne Tucker, co-creator of the Yogi Parenting course. If you are ready for parenting to be easier, more fun and less stressful, sign up for a free Yogi Parenting lesson.


  1. that was too much fun. thanks to our friends Kim and Danielle and Yogi Parenting co-creator Michaela Turner who joined Ria and I live today in my home for this special launch party! and to all the moms in the chat room, thanks for joining in the fun. we’ll let you know if you won one of the Myself Belts or Baby Bump products!!!!!


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