Mom Confessions: Postpartum Depression (part 2)

This VIDEO (3:06) is the second in a series of three in which Heidi shares how it feels to have postpartum depression. One of the challenges of PPD is that it goes unrecognized by many women who suffer from it, making it challenging for them to reach out and find support. It is very rare that a new mom says, “I think I have postpartum depression.” More often and very often, women feel what Heidi describes in her videos.

“In the weeks prior to going to the hospital, I was very emotional, very down. Crying a lot. I had stopped being able to take care of my newborn daughter. I was nursing her still but there was no eye contact and when that happens with a young baby, they start to become despondent.” ~ Heidi Howes

Can you relate? Please leave a comment, audio or written and share how you felt after your babies were born.

My name is Heidi Howes and I have postpartum depression. I usually say “severe” postpartum depression because that’s how it feels to me, very severe.

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  1. thank you for thsi real account of PD heidi. so imp for us to talk about. i think the tip about lack of eye contact is a good one to watch for… so glad you got help and are sharing the warning signs with all of us. *****hugs*****