If you are having (or have recently HAD) a baby, congratulations! It’s an exciting time. Thank goodness for the internet, right? Such a great way to get information, tips and support from other mamas. Look inside yourself. Trust what you find there. You’ve soooo got this.

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Massage Your Pregnant Belly

Loving Baby Sleep Tips

I slept with my first two in our room for at least the first two months so know that when I say “crib” in this gentle sleep video, you can insert the word “bassinet”, “co-sleeper” or “bed” depending on where your little one is sleeping. I support moms in making this choice for and with their family as it can be different for each of us and even different with each of our children. For more on gentle baby sleep tips without using the cry-it-out method, visit here.

Pregnancy: How to Get Comfortable and SLEEP


Baby Wearing: LOVE YOUR SLING!!! 🙂


How to Nurse A Baby and/or Twins

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How to Thrive in Your First Four Weeks of Motherhood

How to Find a Great Nanny

How to Pick An Umbrella Stroller

Zen Mommy’s Pregnancy Journal


TELEVISION: Suzanne offering monthly parenting tips on Great Day St. Louis Channel 4.

Certified Educator of Infant Massage and Physical Therapist Suzanne Tucker describes how parents can use infant massage techniques to help ease digestive troubles including colic and gas.

Suzanne shares inspiring tips to help you create meaningful resolutions you will actually be able to KEEP.


November 19, 2010: Practical Mommy shares some affordable AND meaningful gifts for babies, kids and of course, MOMS!

Practical Mommy’s wardrobe from Dotdotdash

October 29, 2010: Suzanne gives us some ideas on how to connect in the kitchen with fun and healthy Halloween snacks!

September 28, 2010: Suzanne, mom of four including seven month-old twins, gives Virginia Kerr tips for packing the hospital bag!

August 17, 2010: Sharing some cool NEW BABY product picks with KMOV news anchor and expecting mom, Virginia Kerr… just in time for next week’s baby shower.

Practical Mommy’s wardrobe from Dotdotdash

July 2, 2010: And more cool products to make traveling with kids/babies much easier! Practical Mommy features innovative on the go products.

Practical Mommy’s wardrobe and accessories from Dotdotdash

May 28, 2010: Traveling with your kids this summer? Just in time for Memorial Day weekend, Suzanne shares some tips for keeping it together during those long car rides!

May 26, 2010: Ria Sharon and Suzanne Tucker are featured on KMOV’s Early News show about blogging as a business:

May 3, 2010: Zen Mommy shares some tips for busy moms on how she stays centered and relaxed, even with four kids (including two newborns)!

April 23, 2010: Watch Practical Mommy and Matt Chambers discuss unique Mother’s Day Gifts from St. Louis Mom designers!

March 19, 2010: Watch Suzane and Carol Daniel talk MORE JOY, LESS STRESS and positive parenting with the online Yoga Parenting course.

What are celebrity kids wearing and carrying these days? February 19, 2010: Watch Practical Mommy and Carol discuss the latest Hollywood trends in baby gear. (video 2:54) Featured products from Layla Grayce, Petunia, and Avaeli Couture.


How to Prepare Your Kids to be in a Wedding Party, January 15. Watch Practical Mommy sharing tips from My Mommy Manual’s online community (4:45 into this video).


Holiday Gift Ideas, December 11. Watch Practical Mommy’s recommendations for getting creating and personal when choosing gifts for your mommy friends.

maternity_clothesHoliday Maternity Tips, November 20. Watch Suzanne’s practical tips on how to shop/dress for those holiday parties when… you’re expecting. Great maternity clothes that are stylish and versatile are key!

Mealtime Mommy Tips
on Great Day St. Louis, October 16. Product picks for the show: Fred & Friends utensils from City Sprouts.

Suzanne’s maternity clothes by Due Maternity and Practical Mommy’s Essential Mom apparel from Dotdotdash.

bloggingDiscussing Blogging with David Siteman Garland and Scott Ginsberg during The Rise To The Top‘s LIVE Dinner and Discussion Show, ABC’s KDNL30, taped September 23.

GreatDay_Sept18Watch both Zen Mommyand Practical Mommy segments on Great Day St. Louis, September 18. Zen Mommy’s Japanese Weekend maternity clothes by Due Maternity.

Practical Mommy’s cool baby product picks for the show: Kindertools, Baby Legs and Metal Morphosis Bib Clips (from City Sprouts)


Watch Practical Mommy give her Top Twitter pics on the Season 2 Debut episode of The Rise To The Top, the show for creative entrepreneurs on ABC’s KDNL30, September 6.


Watch Practical Mommy and Matt Chambers feature age-appropriate school gear from Skip Hop, Artistic Sensations and MySelf Belts for your preschooler! Great Day St. Louis, KMOV4, August 7.
gdstl_travel_gearWatch Practical Mommy and Carol Daniels demo great Phil and Ted’s outdoor baby gear from Kangaroo Kids and Artistic Sensations for families on the go! Great Day St. Louis, KMOV4, June 19.


Watch Zen MommyGreat Day St. Louis, KMOV4, May 22.
talk about Loving Touch/Baby Massage on


Watch Practical Mommy talk about her picks for Best Baby Gear:  the Maclaren Triumph from, Skip Hop diaper bags available at City Sprouts, and the Britax Boulevard CS on Great Day St. Louis, KMOV4, May 19.


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Suzanne Tucker and Ria Sharon, co-creators of My Mommy Manual and Diane Asyre and Creators of My Mommy Manual and others featured in the January/February 2010 issue of St. Louis Woman Magazine’s article, “Giving Their All: 5 Mothers Share What They Do Best and How You Can Do It Too.”

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