Private Support

“We signed up for ‘parent coaching’ but it’s been life changing.”


nicole testimonial pic mmm“Private sessions changed our household. Our strong-willed three year old daughter is now expressing her big emotions in ways I can understand and help. I no longer feel helpless. Suzanne taught us how to listen to and redirect our daughter. From silly games, clear rituals and trigger words to avoid to how and when to use firm, respectful boundaries and consequences instead of punishment (a game-changer for us.)

Our family can now eat together at the dinner table. I can take my daughter shopping without having to bribe her in and out of the store. Naps are easier, tooth brushing, bedtime and SO MANY other parts of the day. After two months of sessions, my husband and I feel closer/stronger in our marriage. We signed up for ‘parent coaching’ but it’s been life changing.”

– Nicole Bandemer, health and nutrition specialist/student, mom of one



 “We had tried everything before working with Suzanne – our tot was acting out and NOTHING worked.”


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“Parenting is hard! I contacted Suzanne when we were at the end of our ropes. We had tried everything before working with Suzanne – our tot who was acting out and NOTHING worked.

Suzanne brought so much compassion and grace to our situation. Without judgment, she offered concrete strategies that addressed physical, mental, and emotional concerns of EVERYONE. We’ve continued occasional 1:1 support and have attended her six week class and workshops. Through all of this, I’ve learned about myself, the way I was raised, and the power of my love. Her support has impacted not only my parenting, but my career, self-esteem, and healing. I’m so glad to have Suzanne in my life.”

-Maura Marksteiner, Business owner/music therpaist, mom of two



“I am a pragmatist and Suzanne’s methods are very real with tangible results.”


Screen Shot 2015-05-10 at 10.47.16 PM“Suzanne has helped me step back and recognize how to deal with challenges in my day to day relationships both effectively and compassionately.  As a parent, she has taught me how to center myself and manage a loving connection with my children. In my daily relationships, she has helped me incorporate empathy and account for my role in those relationships and to lovingly shift my energy.

I am a pragmatist and Suzanne’s methods are very real with tangible results. She helps create the space to safely resolve relationship issues and to do so with empathy and love.

I am SO grateful that I have Suzanne to lean on, to learn from and to emulate.”

-Suzanne Miller, Business Owner/marketing specialist and mom of two


“I look back in absolute awe of how magically/spiritually my entire life began to shift…”


grieving“Suzanne is a master in the personal therapeutic process. Working with her has transformed (some would say saved) my marriage but most importantly my inner self. I sought counsel from Suzanne to work through loss and grief. I was at a crossroad and Suzanne’s guidance prevented me from heading down a disastrous road of self-sabotage.

I look back in absolute awe of how magically/spiritually my entire life began to shift once I began working with Suzanne. I cannot say enough kind words about what Suzanne has brought to my life. She is a giver of love, a healer of wounds, a cheerleader of strengths, and a companion in spirit. For anyone who is truly ready to change their life and has found themselves at a crossroads where they can no longer run and are ready to truly face and embrace their best life – Suzanne and her therapy will give you an entire army of tools to lead you there.”

-Christina, entrepreneur, mom of one

“Learning how to parent with boundaries changed my world.


Screen Shot 2015-05-10 at 10.33.31 PMBefore working with Suzanne, I didn’t understand how to set clear boundaries for my son. I was often left feeling walked upon or manipulated. Suzanne’s support and learning how to parent with boundaries changed my world. Nothing like yelling, shaming, punishing etc.; instead, I learned how I can parent gently but firmly. I learned tools I now call upon every single day – and they apply to every stage of childhood/parenthood. 

Suzanne just gets it on a whole other level. She is a true empath. You will feel both understood and empowered.”

-Andrea, Co-Founder of Holistic Mamas, mom of two


“Before I started working with Suzanne, I was a parenting advice junky…”


Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 11.46.37 AM“Suzanne helped me to find my center as a parent. Before working with Suzanne, I was a parenting advice junky. I’d read so many great books and articles, but had problems adapting and implementing all the different advice. By taking her classes and working with her 1:1, I realized, I already have what it takes to be the parent I want to be. Suzanne helped me to see how my own triggers, and not my kids, were the cause of my less-than-stellar parenting moments. When I can identify my triggers, I’m able to stay in the moment with my child – to truly see them and to hear them. I’m actually doing what the books talked about — responding instead of reacting.
I love being a mom. It’s a difficult and dynamic job. My kids are constantly growing, and their needs and issues are ever changing too. One of the best gifts Suzanne has given me is the confidence to know that I can handle it. I am enough. When I can stay curious and centered, I can handle anything. And if I don’t, well, that’s okay. Because tomorrow is another day. And through my coaching sessions, I’m letting go of perfect, in ways big and small, just a little more every day.”

Private Support:

Phone, Skype and/or in-person private support sessions at Brentwood Center of Health are available.

Single 60 minute phone/skype session ($90)

In-person 60 minute sessions ($100)

Three 60 minute phone/skype sessions ($240)

Three In-person 60 minute sessions ($270)

For more information on group positive parenting classes and workshops in the St. Louis area click here.

To add your name to the private client list, please click the appointment link or email Suzanne @ MyMommyManual (dot) com with your availability and best phone number to call, Subject Line: PRIVATE CLIENT INFO.

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Suzanne Tucker

PT, CEIM, Certified Healing Through Relationships Instructor

Mom of twins plus two and five baby angels, author, speaker, and co-founder of Brentwood Center of Health, Suzanne is passionate about creating connection. She is the creator of My Mommy Manual, and organizer for one of the largest mom Meetups in St. Louis, with over 1250 members. She was a regular parenting expert on Great Day St. Louis for years and has presented on attachment to both national and international organizations including Parents As Teachers National Convention, Children’s Hope International, First Steps Program and Youth in Need.

In over two decades as a therapist, author and educator, Suzanne has help thousands connect on a deeper level to themselves and the ones they love.

Keynotes, Presentations and Workshops:

Interested in having Suzanne present on the topic of parenting and mindful, playful connection to your school, church, organization, or playgroup? Here are a few of her most popular 90 minute presentation themes.

  • Gentle Sleep Solutions: Rooted in Attachment, Guided by Intuition
  • Redefining Balance: Three Tips to Sourcing More Joy & Less Stress in Everyday Family Life
  • Positive Parenting: Parenting From Your Center (even when your p’ed off)
  • Positive Parenting: The Power of Play
  • Positive Parenting: Nurturing a Growth Mindset via Encouragement and the Pitfalls of Praise 
  • Mindful Parenting: The Power of Rituals to Pull Us into Life’s Little Moments
  • Mindful Parenting: A Seven Step Process to Defusing Your Parenting Hot Buttons (aka Triggers)
  • Mindful Parenting and Boundaries: Have Them, Love Them

Email Suzanne( @) MyMommyManual (dot) com with the subject line: PRESENTATION INQUIRY for more details and to talk through possible themes for your event.

Live presentations available in the St. Louis and surround areas only, and generally cost $150-200 per 60 to 90 minute workshop.