Gentle Sleep Support

Truly Gentle (Not CIO) Sleep Support, holding your intuition and your child’s need for a secure attachment high.
Timely, consistent results and empowering support no matter where you live.
Establish loving rituals, tuning in and trusting your child, putting fires out before they start.

Are you tired of being tired but feel your situation is hopeless?


“Am I doing something wrong?!?”

“Is it just my child?! I feel like the only one dealing with this.”

“How and when will things change? Will they outgrow this?”


Some of the most amazing parents I’ve ever met have also wondered these same things. They are confused and sometimes frustrated by their child’s lack of sleep, BUT at the same time they have resigned themselves to it.

Why? Because they want to meet their child’s needs first and foremost. Because, more than fitting into some mold of how things are supposed to look, they value the unique little person they have been given to love and guide in this life. Because more than their desire for some uninterrupted sleep, they feel compelled to respond to their child’s cries.

And so it is that MANY a loving, self-less parent (yours truly included) resigns themselves to doing the only thing they feel there is left to do — they accept the sleep deprivation: the effects sleepless days and nights are having on them, their other children, their patience, their sanity, their ability to focus, work, love and play. They suffer, often silently due to fear of judgement and/or unwanted advice. They suffer and they pray that this too shall pass. SOON!!!!

I know this because this was me with our first child. I HATED the idea of letting my baby cry, the only other sleep solution being offered to me by well meaning but “off the mark” (for me anyway) doctors, family, books and friends. If part or all of the story above sounds like you, know that you are not alone. As a mom of twins plus two who values attachment above even sleep, who after having twins FINALLY figured this gentle sleep thing out, I am here to tell you, there is another way.

  “Lack of sleep was affecting my mothering. I was short tempered toward my husband and my children. I knew changes had to be made but I did not want to repeat CIO. I never got over the guilt and did not want to go down that road again. The sleep support services offered by Suzanne Tucker are spot on with our style of parenting. She encourages loving your child through the transition. I felt no guilt because either my husband or myself were there with our son, loving him through this change. It took less than a week and I am happy to report that our son is now sleeping from 7:30pm-5am (we have early risers in our family). Occasionally he will stir, but he always puts himself back to sleep. Thankfully, this time, I found a better way.” – Jen York, Mom of three

You’ve got sleep concerns? I’d love to help you source gentle, supportive solutions!

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Early Morning Wakers

For more information on private gentle baby sleep support sessions click here and tell me a little bit about you, your family, and the challenges you are facing.

As a first time mom suffering from sleep deprivation, the advice I received from others to let my baby cry it out did not work for me. I wanted my baby to know she was loved, safe and secure in this world MORE than I wanted sleep. It did not matter to me how tired I got, I would not let her cry it out.

After a few months, I gave the notion that maybe she could sooth herself down by being allowed to cry a half-hearted attempt out of sheer exhaustion, but somewhere about ten minutes into the wailing, I gave up. This was not right. I could feel it. Everything in me said to go and pick up my baby and that is what I did.

Exhausted, waking up every three hours to nurse my little girl now six months into being a mom, I tried co-sleeping but it didn’t work for us either. Instead of more sleep, I got no sleep. Was there any middle ground?! Was I ever going to get a full night’s sleep again?

The year my first daughter was born, I can tell you, I did not get a lot of rest. It took us nearly two years for her to sleep “through the night” and it was HARD. I didn’t have the time or the energy to exercise, be with my friends or spend much time on “me” at all. My relationship with my husband didn’t get the tending it needed. Sleep deprivation touched nearly every facet of my life, and even my sense of self-worth as a mom.


Looking back, I wish someone might have gently invited me to see the toll sleep deprivation was having on my entire family. I wouldn’t have wanted ANYONE to tell me “you’re doing it wrong.” No, no I was not. I was following my gut, and that’s exactly what I needed to do. But what I could have benefited from was a gentle invitation to examine my life and the imbalance my lack of sleep was causing. If lovingly invited in this way, I think I would have made some adjustments.

Having twins in 2010 brought my relationship with sleep and the imbalance it was creating in my life into sharp focus. As a mother of two about to become a mom of four, I knew in my heart that If I was to mommy our new babies along with our girls then seven and nine, I was going to need all the love, patience, and energy I could get my hands on. I needed a new relationship with sleep. New habits. And life provided.

My twins gave me the signs and this time, I watched for them closely, tuning into my intuition and trusting, both them and myself. Allowing my babies natural sleep patterns to guide, we were led into the routines we needed to get our rest while still being able to breastfeed through the night. I nursed my twins till they were 30 months old, something I am quite sure would not have been possible were it not for the balanced, loving and healthy approach to sleep we three co-created.


My experiences have led me to helping other moms. It starts with me simply listening. From this listening comes more questions and more listening… and only then, from this deeper listening, we, together, source the solutions.


* Create a clear, consistent and supportive gentle sleep plan that you feel comfortable with.
* Establish ideas for overcoming obstacles that work with your unique situation, child, and self.
* Help your child(ren) move into a healthy, supportive relationship with sleep for themselves and your entire family.


I work with you, one on one, as much or as little as you like on an hourly rate basis. My support comes with unlimited email and text support for all clients I’m actively working with one hour/week or more and for this reason, I limit my active clients to one at a time. On average I work with clients for 1-2 hours a week for 1-3 weeks until their sleep goals are met. We then touch base once a month for the next two months or so, with occasional 30 minute sessions down the road when new sleep transitions are happening or additional support is needed.

For details, fees, etc or to see when you might be able to get started, send me your name and a bit about the challenges you are facing. Be sure to include the things you’ve already tried and the date you’d like to begin receiving Gentle Sleep Support. I will send you an extensive intake questionnaire to complete and set up our first appointment via phone or skype.

I look forward to working with you as YOU help your family. Together we can (and we will!) co-create gentle, supportive sleep solution that you and your entire family will feel good about.