trust what your body is telling you. You are uniquely connected to this little one in a way nobody else is. Let all the information you collect filter down through you and act only on the ideas that speak to your heart. You are the manual and you have SO got this.

Baby Sleep Video


No one likes to talk about how their baby is not sleeping. We hear friends and family talking about how their little ones getting five, eight, maybe even TWELVE hours of uninterrupted sleep and well, it’s no wonder we think we’re doing it wrong or that our baby is “broken”.

Some of the most amazing parents I’ve know have felt resigned to suffering sleep deprivation. These parents are more interested in fostering a healthy, secure attachment with their baby than they are getting sleep. They want to meet their child’s needs first and foremost. They wake with their baby to hold and feed them, not based on the books or a schedule, but based on what they feel are their babies’ needs. This might be every hour. It might be every three or every five hours – for months and months and sometimes years. They adjust to not being able to put their baby/child down, whether asleep or awake, because when they do, their child cries. They adjust to 20 to 30 minute naps tops. They do all of this because they value attachment and hate the idea of letting their baby “cry-it-out”, the only other solution offered to them by their doctors, families and friends.


As an Infant Massage Instructor I’ve worked with hundreds of parents of newborns to one year of age, so believe me when I tell you baby sleep issues are very common. Sleep is the third most popular topic for moms I work with, next only to nursing and life-balance. I tell you all of this to say, if part or all of the story above sounds like you, you are in good company. You are most DEFINITELY not alone.

If this does describe some or all of the challenges you are facing with sleep, I created a resource for you. It’s a gentle baby sleep video. I created it after years of having hundreds of the new parents I work with on a weekly basis ask me how they might better support their child in getting some much needed sleep, gently and without resorting to the cry it out approach. As a mom of four who practices attachment parenting, I quickly realized gentle sleep support for parents is not widely available, so I put my simple, gentle five step approach to helping little ones sleep on film, starring my six month old son and daughter. It’s one thing to read about sleep tips and another to SEE them being used. And with two babies at once no less.

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With your Baby Sleep Video, I will send you the answers to these common sleep questions and more:

  • When can I expect my baby will be ready to merge his or her naps from three to two to one?
  • How much sleep is my little one supposed to be getting as a newborn? at 6 mo? 12mo? 18mo??? What about when they are 2, 3 or even 5 years old?
  • When do I move my little one out of the crib and HOW? What if they are trying to get out but I’m not ready for the big boy/girl bed??? What then?

Your first bonus gift will arrive just days after your sleep video, with additional gifts arriving in the weeks to come, addressing some of the most common sleep issues you will likely face before you are needing the support.


I want you to LOVE the video I am about to share with you and if you don’t, I will reimburse you, no questions asked. 100% guaranteed. It’s priced so low because everyone deserves to know these simple and effective tips though not all can not afford private sleep support sessions.

In this video you’ll see:

  • how I watch and respond to my baby’s sleep signs.
  • the step by step sleep ritual approach we took to naptime and bedtime.
  • the habits I put into place with my two breastfed babies, allowing for us to enjoy three solid and regular naps a day along with eight plus hours of sleep before either woke to nurse in the middle of the night.

I continued to nurse my two babies at night if they asked for it up until somewhere between ten and twelve months and this worked for us. But what will work best for you and your baby? That is for you to decide.

This video is perfect for you if:

  • you are pregnant. Sleep is one of the top concerns new parents have. Put your fears to rest and enjoy some practical, easy to use tips that will help you tune in and trust yourself and you baby.
  • you are new parent. If it feels like your baby is far from settled into a sleep ritual, now is the PERFECT time to watch this video. It will support you in getting into some great habits.
  • your baby is six to twelve plus months old and habits that served you well when they were newborns are no longer serving you. Now is still the perfect time to watch this video.

I hope this page, this video and these many gentle sleep support tools linked here help you find the rest you are looking for. If you would like more support, please visit here to learn more about the Gentle Sleep Support I offer paretns one-on-one.

So watch the video. Read the books, use the sleep aids, talk to other parents… sure. But more than that, remember to tune in and trust what your body is telling you. You are uniquely connected to this little one in a way nobody else is. Let all the information you collect filter down through you and act only on the ideas that speak to your heart. You are the manual and you have SO got this.