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If you are in St. Louis, join Suzanne and other parents in this six hour Positive Parenting Workshop which meets weekly for three to six weeks. Click through for details and summer workshop registration.

TOOLS FOR TRANSITION: A Free Workshop for Parents

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In this 90 minute presentation from three area professionals (and moms) including an Occupational Therapist, Physical Therapist/Parent Educator, and a Registered Dietitian, parents of children from tots to teens will learn:

  • The ins and outs of sensory integration: what it is and the many challenges children and families face in this area.
  • Tools for parenting with patience: how to keep your cool when life and kids threaten to push you over the edge.
  • Practical and playful approaches to transitions: including tips for more peaceful mealtimes and all the many transitions families face in a day at home and at school.

With: Marla Rosenbaum Shyken, Occupational Therapist, Suzanne Tucker, Physical Therapist/Parent Educator and Stephanie Margolis, Registered Dietitian.

Reserve your spot here. Space is limited.

HUG EACH MOMENT: Love Letters to Your Child






This is our GIFT to you for joining this community of mindful mamas. Sign up and you’ll receive the file right away, along with practical tips, stories, announcements, and deals.

Personalize your own collection of love letters with this beautifully designed 29-page printable journal. Capture your thoughts and heartfelt wishes throughout your baby’s childhood. Your conversation begins now!

YOGA PARENTING: Online 8-week Parenting Course

If you are interested in an online course to help yourself find and parent from your center, click through to learn more about Yoga Parenting. The creation of Yoga Parenting began a decade ago when Suzanne, one of it’s co-creators, realized that parenting was easier on the days she went to yoga class. She says, “I quickly realized I was taking the principles I was learning in class and applying them to my life as a mom. Living into these yoga principles off the mat gave me that edge I’d been missing and helped me stay calm — EVEN when we were running 15 minutes late for school and my four year old wanted to pick out, put on, and tie her own shoes, never a short process, lol.”

Suzanne collaborated with a YogaKids® certified instructor and 30-year veteran educator to bring this more joy, less stress approach to parenting into the world via the web. Find out more about our 8-week online parenting course here.