It’s a Pajama Party (virtual) LIVE April 14th: Helping Women in Kenya

We hosted a My Mommy Manual Pajama Party to help raise money for Mom It Forward and The 12 for 12K Challenge’s joint mission for April/May to help empower women in Kenya. Our intention was to take our mission of “onnecting through practical and inspired tips” beyond the written page to the LIVE experience!

So Practical Mommy and I were on for our first ever Pajama Party LIVE on Tuesday, April 14 from 6-9pm CST. We raised money for the cause, with people joining the party in their PJ’s from home for giggles, live music, and of course, Practical and Inspired Tips!

We whipped up some goodies in the kitchen with the help of Joy (@gourmeted), listened to live music from Ann Hirshfeld of String Buzz, and got our tootsies pampered by Nicole Rekart and BeautiControl.

But beyond the pillow fights and pedi’s, we served up some out-of-this-world content. I still can’t believe we had the opportunity to chat live with Guy Kawasaki, who gave us some amazing insights from his career as an entrepreneur and VC. He was immediately followed by Lewis Howes, the leading expert on the professional online network, LinkedIn. And after that, Elena Verlee, yet another serial entrepreneur who has leveraged PR to start and sell two businesses in under 9 months. Don’t worry, we recorded the whole thing!

We chattted it up live with you and 138 others at a time, raffled off fantastic prizes and just had a great time!!

The goal for partying in our pajamas?!?? Raising money to empower rural women entrepreneurs in Kenya! All money raised goes to Yehu Microfinance, BasaBody and Coast Coconut Farms who together, empower poor rural entrepreneurs in Kenya to help lift themselves out of poverty through enhanced accessibility to sustainable financial services, business opportunities, and skills training.

ON TUESDAY, APRIL 14 at 8pm CST, Click here to VIEW THE BROADCAST AND CHATROOM. Everything you need is on that page:

• Instructions on HOW TO ENTER THE RAFFLE


ChipIn widget for donations (you can donate anytime!)

Wanna donate a prize for the cause? Email or twitter us (@ZenMommy or @riasharon) !!! We’ll get you a great spot by the popcorn bowl!!!


8:00 Introductions
8:10 Housekeeping, Preview of evening
8:15 Schmoozing 101, Twitter/chat Q&A

8:30 Guy Kawasaki, (via skype video from CA)
8:40 Lewis Howes, (via skype video from OH)
8:45 Elena Verlee, (via skype video from Manila)
8:55 Twitter/chat Q&A

9:00 @gourmeted will be challenging our hosts to whip up a fabulous mystery treat via chat

9:10 Tyler Stallings,
9:15 Susannah Marriott, author of Green Baby (via skype video from London)
9:20 Kevin Tibbs, (via skype call STL)
9:25 Twitter/chat Q&A

9:30 Nicole Rekart, BeautiControl (home-based biz)
9:40 Twitter/chat Q&A
9:45 Raffle update from @dannybrown

9:55 Ann Hirschfeld, String Buzz
10:25 Unveil @gourmeted’s Mystery Dish!

10:35 Michaela Turner, Yogi Parenting

10:45 Jen Sertl, Angelina Accoutrement (Fashion Week footage)
(2 Little Stars, MySelf Belts, Artistic Sensations)

10:45 Raffle update, Wishes for Kenya Women (via Twitter/chat)
10:50 Thank You and Wrap Up

Thanks for wearing your best flannel nighty and fuzzy slippers!!! 🙂 It was some P-A-J-A-M-A  P-A-R-T-Y!

Zen Mommy


  1. Hi Ria

    This sounds interesting. Can I donate a PR in Pajamas ebook since it’s so appropriate for your pajama party!


  2. Elena… get out of my head! I didn’t have time to email you today!!! You’re on my list. Yes! Yes! Yes!!!

  3. Dancing???? Eeek!

  4. did you know that some women live on $2 / day in kenya? $2….let that sink in…less than a coffee in the morning. if we can raise even near our goal for $2-3K…wow. that’s alot of days we can help these same women increase their income to a livng wage in kenya. we are all one. we’re no so far apart as we think we are sometimes.

  5. A cause close to my heart! I will be there and will donate a cashmere scarf for
    the auction….Thanks for the opportunity to help, Ria! love, jen

  6. You gals rock! I want to be at the live party!!!! Can’t wait to blow this goal out of the water!

    Thanks for participating in our fundraiser event and for throwing a super duper fun par-tay. Can’t wait to break out my slippers (which are really just very fuzzy and comfy flip flops) and soft robe and party down with My Mommy Manual!

    “See” you on the 14th!

    P.S. Hope you don’t mind if I post this on my site as well… referring to this post. Love the video especially ;)!

  7. Awesome idea…. if I wasn’t going to be at the NYC event for #GNO and #12for12K, I’d SO be there. I’m going to send over anyone in our area who tells me they can’t make it to our event to Tweet into your PJ party. Hug a teddy bear for me, gals! 🙂

  8. @Jyl post away! Thanks, Elena, Gina and Jen.

    FYI, Jen Sertl already donates a portion of her proceeds from to women in Africa. Take a peek. Her scarves are GORGEOUS!

  9. Elana, Gina, Jen, Jyl…hello beautiful women!!! we are so blessed to be able to partner with all ya’ll. mom it forward is doing some amazing things (brought us together for one, and together is always a good thing). i hope that even though wwe are helping to run this ria…we can still buy tickets!!! is that allowed? people are sooooo amazing and coming out of the wood work to support this. thank you, thank you thank you one and all. you are sooooo dear. (wearing pj’s and fuzzy slippers as i type this…warming up. hahah)

  10. You two crack me up!!!! So fun…I’m SO EXCITED!

  11. Hey ladies! What a great idea. It sounds like a serious party! Are any dads invited to pop in and check it out?? If not, I will make sure my wife is representin. You are all a great inspiration and I hope you feel the thanks from the many women in Kenya whose lives will be improved thanks to your example. You have inspired many to make a difference — one drop at a time! Thanks for adopting Yehu Microfinance/Basa Body/Coast Coconut Farms. I manage all of them and it is truly rewarding–all with the intent of helping rural women in Kenya to create sustainable livelihoods for themselves and their children. We will definitely drop in on your PJ party and connect with you and the amazing community of moms you have built. Mom Power (and a few dads too!)

    Asante Sana!!
    Troy (@yehu_africa)

    By the way, send your audience to to see how the women make coconut oil in Kenya

  12. troy, thanks for the link. i am happy to have found you on twitter (everyone on twitter add @yehu_africa immediatley!!) so i can stay in the loop with all the great things you & Coast Coconut Farms are doing.

    PS: Joy you have to check this link OUT…link even has coconut inspired recipes. can we make THIS at the pj party?!?! :p
    Banana Coconut Pancakes
    1 1/2 cups flour
    1 1/2 cups milk
    1 egg
    1/4 cup coconut oil
    1 T sugar
    1 T baking powder
    1/4 tsp salt
    1 overripe banana, crushed
    Combine dry ingredients in mixing bowl. Add coconut oil, egg and banana. Mix until smooth. Cook on griddle.

  13. PSS: ria(practical mommy) is so crafty!…thank you for my groovy new avatar. you are the best. luv.

  14. You’re welcome! Isn’t @ZenMommy cute???

    Troy, I have a feeling there will be quite a few dads there… but you gotta where your PJ’s!!!

  15. Suzanne — you want pancakes? 😀 That is a great idea, actually. I want me some pancakes with ice cream. Is that so bad?

  16. Hello lovely STL ladies! Love that you are doing this live party – I will be joining in – and I’m so close 🙂 You are toomuch fun! Please let me know how I can help – I don’t have anything to donate but my time, energy and love 🙂

  17. Danielle, time, energy and love are powerful things!!! Can’t wait to party with you!

  18. I am looking forward to it – LOVE the schedule!

  19. Zen Mommy says:

    Practical Mommy…can you believe all the awesome-ness that is building in the last 24 hrs for the pajama party?!?! OR that it is finally here…TONIGHT!?! awesome-ness ozzing from everyside. THANK YOU EVERYONE…we can not WAIT to party it up with you tonight!!!…i’m pulling the wine glasses together as we speak. The sitter is lined up and i’ll be heading over to Ria’s in 9hrs and counting :p! see ya at 8pm!!

  20. I’m going to send over anyone in our area who tells me they can’t make it to our event to Tweet into your PJ party. People are so amazing and coming out of the wood work to support this. thank you.

  21. It sounds like a serious party. People are so amazing and coming out of the wood work to support this. Thanks for the opportunity to help. Thank you.


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