How and When to Start Parenting

I recently met with Dr. Becky Brittain, Ph.D. also known as The Mothering Coach. She is a wealth of information but specifically expert in Perinatal and Prenatal Psychology, the focus of her doctorate. Not only does she have all those fancy letters after her name but she is truly a joy to be with. I’ve seen her in action with kids and the connection that she can create with them is admirable.

Did you know that, moms-to-be? Yes, stress does affect your baby. Mother yourself! Being gentle and loving to yourself is a wonderful way to start parenting!

Practical Mommy is Ria Sharon, co-creator of the Yoga Parenting course. Are you ready for parenting to be easier, more fun and less stressful?


  1. This makes so much sense, and makes me sad at the same time. I had some really stressful things going on when I was pregnant and I did not handle them well. 🙁

  2. I feel your pain, my dear. I did too with my second, which is why I felt the need to interview Dr. Becky, so others would know.

    However, I must also say that pain creates opportunities for healing. Perhaps that’s overly Pollyana-ish of me. I’ve been accused of such! But healing through pain truly is a powerful experience and I’m finding a richness in that parenting relationship as well.

  3. Wow, I’m so glad that this was shared here on MMM! A large part of what I do in the childbirth classes I teach (called BirthWorks) is focused on the emotional and psychological aspects of pregnancy and birth, including understanding the amazingly delicate hormonal balance that occurs. A world-renowned obstetrician and research named Dr. Michel Odent is the founder of “The Primal Health Research Institute.” His research looks at how what happens to a person from conception to age 1 has a significant impact on the person’s health and well-being later in life.

    Great stuff, I hope more highly-educated people like Dr. Brittain can have an influence on the current maternity practices in our country!