How to Wear Your Baby

As a mom of twins there is no way I could be doing it without BABY WEARING!

I was a big fan of baby wearing with my first and second kids, mostly loving the closeness that it offered.

I wore my newborns instead of putting them in the shopping cart seats; wore my babies for short walks around the block… etc, etc. As a big fan of attachment parenting, wearing my first babes just made sense.

Wearing my Hotsling made this farm outting with all four kiddos possible.

Now, with the twins, it’s all that and more. Seriously, it’s a practical necessity! I l-o-v-e that by wearing one baby and holding the other, I can go about my day and actually do things like grab a cup of water, answer the door or the phone, even run errands and have my babes right there in my arms at the same time. I would never get anything done (besides nursing) if it were not for the various slings that I own.

Take getting the twins to and from the car. I long ago gave up hoisting the heavy seats out of the car and opted to put one in a sling and the other on my hip to head in and out of the house. This has saved my back untold amounts of pain.

Another great use? Going to church. Rather than rolling in my big mama-jama double stroller, I wear one babe and hold the other. And it never fails. No sooner do I settle into my seat, when a nearby mom has asked to hold one of my sweeties. In fact, I’m lucky to be left holding even one of them!

My Mama-Jama BIG stroller (with my hubba-hubba CUTE hubby :0)

I have five different systems and use all of them for different reasons at different times. Here is an excerpt from a guide I wrote for on new mom gift ideas wear I describe my favorite three:

Buy a sling to match mom’s personality, not only color and pattern but design as well. There’s the classic Baby Bjorn that is easy to use and a favorite of many for its simplicity; the hip Moby Wrap that, although taking a minute to don, once on is one of the most comfortable wraps; the Hotsling, which is ordered to size for the parent that doesn’t want to have to think about adjusting; and finally the Slingaroo. The Slingaroo is a two-ring sling who takes a little use to master but is one of the most versatile warps. It works well for tiny babies all the way through the toddler years.

And here’s the 4-1-1 on baby wearing, received via email from one of our member moms. Annalise said:

My favorite baby wearing system by FAR is my Moby  Wrap(s) – I have 3!…  mostly because of the life-saving nature of their amazingness.  My son had silent reflux that we weren’t able to diagnose until he was 12 weeks, and those first 3 months were hell on earth.  I would not have survived without my Moby!

But now that he’s bigger, we LOVE our Ergo Baby Carriers!  My husband loves to wear our son in the Ergo, and it’s so much easier once they get mobile and we’re taking him in and out often.  Still won’t give up my moby when baby #2 comes though!  :o)

No matter which system you go with, I hope in the end you find one that you LOVE. Baby wearing. It’s good for baby. And it’s good for mom (and dad… and big sisters too!).

Big sister wanted in on the baby wearing fun too!

What is your experience with baby wearing? Do you have a favorite use for them? A favorite brand or system? Does your husband get in on the baby wearing action and if so, what is HIS favorite system? Here are a few videos and other posts to support you in this worthy endeavor.

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Suzanne Tucker aka Zen Mommy is co-creator of My Mommy and co-owns a holistic health center in St. Louis, Missouri with her husband Shawn. She practices as a Certified Educator of Infant Massage and health education teacher. Certified in a number of healing life education approaches, Suzanne offers parent coaching one on one and through YogaParenting, an eight week online course helping parents create more joy and less stress.


  1. Great post, Suzanne! I have tried a variety of carriers, but what’s worked best for me is the Beco Butterfly 2. I now mostly use it to carry Quinlyn in the back-carry position, esp at stores/running errands. And she loves it as much as I do! (I also never get tired of the shock factor when strangers realize “there’s a baby on your back!” From the front, it’s not always obvious that I’m carrying a baby and then I turn around and it totally cracks me up to see people’s responses!!)

  2. Doing some research for a baby wearing presentation & stumbled on this site. I adore the pic of you wearing your twins!

    As for what I use…I made my own wrap carriers (5 of them!) and I love the versatility. We had a Snuggli years ago, and the babies & I hated it because it was just too structured. With a SPOC (simple piece of cloth), I can wear my kiddos on the front, back, or either hip with a few wraps and a knot!

  3. Suzanne Tucker says:

    Thank you. 🙂 Katisha, would you share the size fabric and type you use? I’m certain some other moms seeing this would be interested! My loop sling is super simple and I adore it still now that my lil babes are nearly 15 mo old.