How to Trust Your Gut

How do we teach our kids how to pay attention to their gut instincts? Expert Mommy and author, Carrie Silver-Stock shares some great tips with us from her book, Secrets Girls Keep. Personally, I loved the fact that Carrie organizes her book in such a way that highlights seven powerful tools for tween and teen girls, regardless of the situation. Carrie’s positive approach to parenting is very much in line with my own. This book was encouraging, a pleasure to read, and oh so practical! Watch this VIDEO interview with Carrie Silver-Stock.

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  1. Sounds like great advice for boys as well as girls. Thanks Practical Mommy!

  2. Oh yes, I do this with my boy and girl. And of course, they are super good at it, so tuned in. I want them to keep that sense, ya know?