How to WIN a Stroller

Fun was had by all at this years Baby Expo in St. Louis Missouri where My Mommy Manual Co-Creators Ria Sharon and Suzanne Tucker hung out all day raffling off Kolcraft strollers including this much sought after double stroller by Contours. Where you there? Did you play? And were you a big winner??? See the winning names below!

K. Hoffman: Contours Lite Stroller

N. Armbruster: Contours Double Stroller

E. Driscoll: Contours Options 3 Stroller

HERE’S HOPING YOU WON! And if you are new to the My Mommy Manual community, we sure hope you’ll check us out a bit and join our mommy community. There are more contests and giveaways to look forward to as well as new tips on parenting every day!!!