How to Understand Your Career Direction

mazeUnknown to many people, I wanted to pursue a business degree in marketing as my undergraduate studies but my parents insisted that I choose a career in math or science because I was “good at it.” Listening to my parents, I bounced back and forth between nursing and pre-med with neither option really being an ideal fit. I made it through a grueling four years of science, labs, clinical rotations, and jumping through hoops before realizing that I hadn’t chosen the ideal career path. Upon graduation, I knew that I did not want a lifetime job within a clinical role, so I decided grad school would be the best next step for me. Building off of my health background, I sought after a business and policy degree. The combination of the three proved to be extremely valuable during the ten years of my professional career. My knowledge, skills, and experience was in demand as headhunters constantly sought to link me with company X, Y, or Z.

Although it was reassuing to know that I would never be without a job, I wasn’t overly thrilled with my career. I had job security but I wasn’t passionate about it. At times, I felt guilty for not wanting a job that others spent their entire life seeking and in many cases never achieved. When I shared with friends and family that I was planning to leaving corporate America to pursue my own passions, they couldn’t believe that I would leave “all of that for an uncertain future.” However, I had no interest in running in circles in the same job when I could branch out on my own and finally feel fulfilled in my career. I knew that the prestige of a certain position or a high salary would never produce what I ultimately wanted. And to this day, I have never felt as satisfied with my career as I do today being part of Pink Heels.

There are times when we have to make a decision and choose a direction in our careers. It is challenging to take a path that does not provide the same level of security as our current job but what is the cost to ourselves for staying in the status quo? At what point are we willing to take a direction that has risks but ensures our overall happiness? Taking the steps to create change, especially a big change like our career, can be a daunting task but it isn’t impossible. Stay strong, push forward, and know that there are resources, like Pink Heels, to help!

Jennifer Moore, RN, MS, BSN, one of our Expert Mommies is the owner of Pink Heels™ a successful career and business coaching company. More information can be found about Pink Heels™ and Jennifer Moore at


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