How I Love You/Me

I am in love with the idea of breath. Here is a poem for you (and only you) that i wrote a bit ago and recently reworked on the breath. The lover in the poem is actually me loving myself… or if you are the reader then YOU… loving your “self” ~ the god/divine/spirit that lies within you. I hope reading this may inspire you to write a love poem to yourself. And if it does… PLEASE share it with me below. Pretty please? With sugar on top??!!?

By: Suzanne Tucker

suspended in silence
floating above my day
mind stills
breath becomes
one with all

in the stillness
you find me
i feel your warmth…
an intense, hot yellow glow
suspending over me

i breathe in
you out…
you in…

radiating like the sun
eyes closed, hearts open
we are one
suspended above the day
an entwined eternal embrace

effort ceasing, we die
if only briefly
self absent
nothing to be done
but breathe with you, my sweetness.

Suzanne Tucker, aka Zen Mommy
In addition to mommying to two magical girls born in 2000 and 2003, Suzanne co-owns a holistic health center with her husband Shawn in St. Louis, Missouri  where she practices as a physical therapist, Certified Infant Massage Instructor and health education teacher. Certified in a number of healing and life education approaches, Suzanne offers life coaching as Zen Mommy Coach and is the co-creator of the Yogi Parenting approach to positive parenting.


  1. And I thought you wrote it for me, and only me…:)

    But seriously, I do still love it, and will share it, lovely lady.

  2. I can feel you
    whisper sweet
    in my ear.
    Leaves rustle-
    a shiver-
    as you wrap me
    in caresses
    soft as a
    You are the breeze.

    True to your
    you are with me-
    with me always-
    so I must be with
    my quiet cove
    when I am restless.
    Lay down your head.

    The slicing sword of
    is no match for you,
    my armor
    sturdy, strong-
    still so soft.

    You are with me-
    with me always-
    so I must be with you.
    You are love
    and so I must be,
    for we are one.

  3. @jennspastic (who i am so going right now to make sure i am following…!) , beautiful expression of love and the one-ness we truly are. i imagine you are no stranger to writing poetry and i look forward to reading more by you. going now to follow your links and hoping there is more of you and your writing on the other side. YEP, just went and there you are in all your writing glory. GOOD FOR YOU for startng your blog and writing. keep those fingers dancing. i love your writing… luv the story of how you met your hubby 😉 and happy almost anniversary.

    thank you for sharing these words/this poem/your-self with me/us.

  4. YOWZA!!! Keep peeling back the layers, my dear friend. You have me “suspended in silence…” 🙂


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