How to Take Charge of Your Destiny

The new year is hours away… or already here for my family and friends on the other side of the world! I just HAD TO get one more post in before turning the page on the calendar!

I was inspired by a thread of tweets started by the prolific Laura Fitton, a.k.a. @Pistachio, who challenged her 13,000+ followers to come up with a theme word for 2009. Regular readers will know this has been on my mind as well (see the Give and Receive story).

Laura explains her thinking behind it, “my entire resolution last year was just one task. i had to DECIDE to become the person i always hoped/knew i could be. i didn’t have to become that person, mind you, i just had to consistently, persistently and wholeheartedly DECIDE to. while i have plenty of moments of flagging/brittle hope around it, I can say I pulled it off. i’ve finally given myself that permission. i share this to challenge you in 2009 to choose something small but fundamental, like ‘simply deciding’ towards your future.”

I seem to be attracting this subject because I wrote down in my handy dandy notebook yet another tweet from Heather Cromar: It’s never too late to be what you might have been.

And in my inbox, was a message from Victoria Colligan, Founder and CEO of Ladies Who Launch:
Are we achieving the results we want? Are we experiencing feelings of success, peace and happiness? Whenever I answer “no” to these questions, I know it is time to change course. The ability to adapt, shift, and to create something fresh represents the ultimate control over your destiny.

So if I were one to be heeding the signs… I would say I’ve been given a recipe for how to take charge of my destiny. Thank you, friends. You are all inspired and inspiring women and apparently, you had a message for me today!

BTW, if you do a twitter search for “oneword” or “themeword,” it’s kinda fun to see what people’s goals are for the coming year. I narrowed it down to three: faith, passion, and purpose. But if I had to choose just one, it would be FAITH.

And yours would be….?

Happy New Year, everyone!

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  1. Very cool. I’ve always said that life is as simple as making a decision. For me, it’s making the decision that’s hard. 😉

  2. Yes, John… and action is necessarily precipitated by that, right? The thought. No exceptions. Even something as simple as making dinner means you have to think about it first and then decide to do it!

  3. Academic Mommy says:

    Happy New Year, Practical Mommy. Along a similar line of Heather Cromar’s : It’s never too late to be what you might have been, I offer this: It’s never too late to be what you already are…

    In other words, I would like to celebrate all that I am NOW, because I forget all too often that embracing both my strengths and weaknesses is to accept the essence of me and all that I am to myself and others. For me this is the most powerful exercise and my consistent challenge. But how freeing it is…

  4. Yes! Yes! The “process not the product”… the journey… as my friend Adam so gently reminded me in my Embracing Change story.

    Who you are at any moment is worth celebrating in and of itself and also because it is who will allow you to be what you will be next. Wow! That was sooooo not clear!

    2008. What a year! I STILL look back and say it’s been the best one yet… because of love (self love, friend love, divine love… LOVE!), because of who I was and who I’ve become… BECAUSE OF the ride!

  5. Zen Mommy says:

    i remember how when i set being “present” as my focus for 2008, my sister laughed…”that’s a tall order…not really a new year’s resolution…” she said. but i kept it. it was what i needed. it gave me a single focus for the year. extremely helpful. as BE HERE NOW became my montra, the pull to NOT be here now showed up all the time. having a single word focus for 2008 ROCKED…really tuned me into this…

    2009 for me in a word is DISCERN…a gentle reminder for me to turn everything over (not just daily but minute by minute) and to discern what is there for me…to act on, to receive…to give, to integrate, to remember. i am not in control…my job is to listen and follow a power greater than i that speaks FROM WITHIN ME if i but discern. a power leading me all the way – all the time. 2009…glad you are here.

  6. Laura Gordon says:

    My theme word for this year is FOCUS. Focus on my family, focus on my faith, focus on my new job.