How to Stop Keeping Up with Suzy

cupcakesYou know Suzy. Perfectly frosted cupcakes. Gifts for every teacher. Suzy Homemaker.

Why is it that there’s always at least one mom in the carpool circle that seems to outdo everyone else? The perfectly wrapped and be-ribboned end of the year teacher’s gift isn’t just about showing appreciation for the preschool teacher, is it? Am I imagining a smirk of victory on that perfectly powdered face? I think I just lost that portion of the competition.

And that’s my point. We’re competing??? Seriously? I suppose it’s human nature to compare ourselves, one to another. And there are some who are, by nature, more competitive than others. If anyone happened to catch Zen Mommy in the bubble gum blowing clubhouse meeting on Looking Glass Lane, you’ll know what I’m talking about!

So it’s no wonder that when we all get together for Mommy & Me class and moms share their baby’s developmental milestones, it’s tough not to compare. It’s tough not to be triggered when Suzy’s baby is sleeping through the night or pushed up sooner and loves organic green beans….

There was a time when I did envy those amazing handmade party invitations and aspired to having dinner on the table every night (no wait… that’s a lie!). But I finally had to admit to myself that Suzy I was not. I was soooo far from Suzy that frankly, I couldn’t relate to her at all. But after admitting that, the pressure to be her or even be her friend lifted off me like a wool sweater in summer. The admission gave me permission to be more myself… which was more likely to be last in carpool and to forget my kids lunch. The cool thing is that being myself not only is a heck of a lot of easier than the charade I was trying to pull off but I’ve been able to connect with other moms that are… more like me! Funny how that works, huh?

As I’ve discovered again and again… have the courage to actually show up in your life and you’ll be amazed at the people who show up with you.

So tonight I let the kids splash in the pool for an extra two hours instead of rushing them in to dinner. We had a very un-Suzy-like dinner of ramen noodles,  American cheese slices, saltines, blueberries, and baby carrots followed by a trip to the store for strawberry twizzlers. Hey, it’s summer!

Wanna join us for din-din tomorrow? I think we have hot dogs.

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  1. Don’t I wish I didn’t know what you mean, but I do. I have a Suzy in my life and I just finally had this revelation that you are talking about. Now I’m not struggling to be more like her or struggling to be her friend, and it WAS a struggle. It’s so much more relaxing to embrace the quirkiness that is the ME.