How to Stay Positive at Work

Talk To The Hand…Because Your Negativity Doesn’t Affect Me

positive_workDo you ever find yourself face-to-face within someone at work that knows how to push all of your buttons and rub you the wrong way?  Or maybe you work with someone that is always negative and assumes the worse in every situation.  How do you feel when confronted with this negativity?  How do you react?

While it is difficult to maintain composure, it is important to constructively handle negativity to dissipate the situation.  It is also essential to identify and utilize techniques that can prevent an emotional reaction.  Since we will never be able to eliminate “Negative Nellies” at work, we can apply basic yoga and meditation techniques that can help us rise above the fray unscathed.

~ Remain calm.  Do not react with negative words or actions.

~ Take several deep breaths in and out.   For each inhale fill your mind and body with peaceful thoughts.  For each exhale, allow the stress, tension, and negativity to leave your mind and body.

~ Center yourself and block out the distractions of your environment. If you are unable to physically remove yourself, you can mentally remove yourself.  Just close your eyes.

~ Keep your personal space full of positive energy. Allow the negativity to be deflected by your strength.

~ Let it out.  After you leave the situation, take a moment to journal about your experience or call a girlfriend when you get home.

Jennifer Moore, RN, MS, BSN, one of our Expert Mommies is the owner of Pink Heels™ a successful career and business coaching company. More information can be found about Pink Heels™ and Jennifer Moore at


  1. Great article! I have another quick tip that has changed my life when these things happen. Rather than resisting or reacting to the persons negativity, I ask myself,
    ” Isn’t that an interesting point of view?” And then I remind myself that it has nothing to do with me. Try it sometime, it is totally freeing!