How to Share a Passion with Your Kids

Summer is quickly approaching! Do you have a summer reading list? I’m adding Little Women to mine — because as you’ll see in this video, family reading time has been a big hit in our family! We just finished Call of the Wild! My daughter was rapt! It’s been especially rewarding for me because books are so important to me. I can measure periods of my life by the books that dominated them: Little Women, Call of the Wild, Pride and Prejudice, A Wrinkle In Time, Grapes of Wrath, Dune — all the way to Mutant Message Down Under, Eat Pray Love, and Committed (thank you, Jen Hibbits!)

Being able to connect with my kids by doing something I love too is so rewarding. By sharing a passion with my kids, we get to know each other in a very direct way. We laugh, cry, and get excited together. Connection!

What have you read or what would you like to read with your kids this summer? It probably means skipping Danielle Steele and V.C. Andrews but it’s well worth it.

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