How to Save on Baby Room Ideas

According to the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association, baby nurseries are a $7.3 billion industry. Jamila Robinson of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports that new parents spend $5,000-$15,000 turning their baby room ideas into reality. And this is for a room that will be used for 18 hours a day for sleep… At least, this is what new parents are hoping!

You might was well get used to sticker shock because having a baby means you’ll be adding line items to your Quicken account that you’ve never considered before! Yes… like “diapers.” But the upfront expense of setting up a comfortable and functional nursery does not have to put you in the poorhouse. Leave that to your little sweet pea’s college fund! Here are some great ways for you to pay below typical retail prices on the nursery essentials.

Resale Baby Stores
Both independent shops (like Kangaroo Kids in St. Louis) and chains like Once Upon A Child are great sources for baby clothes, cribs, strollers, diaper bags, bouncy seats. They carry quality, pre-screened used items that are many times well below retail. But be discerning because they also carry new items or price items like new. Be an educated consumer and comparison shop for the best deals.

Online Retailers
Online merchants don’t have the overhead of traditional offline retailers so they often have good deals. Don’t be scared off be security issues. Just take the proper precautions to make sure you are dealing with a well-reputed merchant. Review the site and make sure they are certified by third parties like VeriSign or the Better Business Bureau. Use a major credit card for all Internet purchases since you are protected if your card should become compromised. Review their customer service and return policies. Make sure to calculate the shipping cost of your purchases to see if you really are saving money by ordering online versus a local store. The other great thing about shopping online is that it saves you all those hours you would have otherwise spent lugging your pregnant self all over town!

Yes, online auctions are a great way to save money on baby products like clothes and furniture. And, might I add, it can be rather addictive to bid and win items! My advice is to “watch” any items you are interested in until just a few minutes before the auction closes. That way, your bid does not inflate the price any more. Again, make sure you factor in your shipping cost.

You can save a fortune be exploring some of the sources mentioned here for baby room ideas. All the more to spend on… diapers!


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  2. $5000 – $15000 in today economy is steep. I like your idea, thank you for sharing.


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    How to Save on Baby Room Ideas…

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